Eli, does this ruling have any teeth? Can the PDC fine the hell out of these companies when they don't comply?


@5: Or a chance to be a guest on Rachel Maddow.


5, 6

A very quick Google search will reveal that Ferguson's office does, and has done, a lot concerning WA State issues. You can stop beating that tired drum.


@4 I Got Nuthin': I was wondering about that, too. Eli?
@6: Just keep munching your Cinnabons, sugarlips.
@7 German Sausage: Muffy forgot to take her prozac again, and
@7 German Sausage & @8 Lastlight: Thank you.


Thanks for doing this groundbreaking work Eli. Here’s hoping it’ll be a template for other states around the county.


Eli, bless you again for your continued excellence in journalism---another Pulitzer Prize should be coming your way.

@10: Wouldn't that be fabulous if the rest of the country followed suit?


@8: You're right. In the spirit of the season I can afford a more deference for this public servant.


Wow. Mark Zuckerberg, when not all smiles, gloating about his ill-gotten cyber riches, looks more and more like rabid Omega neofascist Douglas C. Neidermeyer (played by Mark Metcalf) of 1962 Faber College from the wild, raunchy 1978 frat film, National Lampoon's Animal House by the day. I'm surprised he's not riding a Royal Lipizzaner stallion.


@13 Eli and anybody curious: Really--go check out National Lampoon's Animal House, view the film, and then come back to this thread. The facial similarities between Marks are almost creepy.


@13 & @14. Wow. No response. Does anybody remember John "Bluto" Belushi?

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