Well, good. And THANK YOU, Eli!

So were sponsors buying space for ads, or were they more into misrepresenting / pitting voting bloc-against-voting bloc / voter suppression thru-disgust / just generally pissing off the voting Citizenry-type shit? (Which, I think, pretty much seems to describe campaigns-as-we-know-them in America today.)

Seems like the latter's much more insidious and'd be dificult to discern amongst one's "friends."

And what about poor Zucky? Will he still be a Multi-Billionaire, when all is said and done?

We need publically-sponsored, open campaigns where OUR Lawmakers are not held accountable to those with all the massive Accounts. The Corporatization of America is gonna (continue to) lead us right down the Fascist Rathole.


And exactly how is Facebook going to do this? I don't live in Washington State, can't vote there, but I can buy ads on facebook, why can't those ads be about Washington State politics? How will they police that? Maybe I just want to buy a national ad on facebook about how much I like Joe Trumpski who wants to exterminate all Pentecostals. And he just happens too be running for the Seattle Washington School Board. Toss a few click bate Seattle references into the ad and it is viral in Seattle.


"Facebook Will Halt Political Ad Sales in Washington State by the End of This Year"

No... Facebook says they will halt political ad sales in Washington state by the end of this year.

As we've seen time and again... and again... and again... Facebook says one thing and does something else - usually under-the-radar, in-the-dark - unitl the next scandal.

Just you wait - facebook will be selling some kind of 'communications product' during the 2019 Seattle City Council elections that are nothing but re-branded political ads that have the exact same impact on our democratic process as political ads.

Come on! I'm not the smartest guy in the room. If I can think of this, you just know the evil genusies at Facebook already have a stratagy in place - and it starts with 'trust us, we're gonna behave ourselves from now on.'


"... the evil genusies at Facebook already have a stratagy in place - and it starts with 'trust us, we're gonna behave ourselves from now on.' " --NoSpin, above

My, so cynical...

Meanwhile, they sell 'your' Private Conversations to whoeverthefuck and Happily Capitalistically boil We, the People down to the merest of commodities, exploitable as dogs in in the Far East.

Gotta wonder what's fb's next invasion/trespass of their clientele's gonna be.

And yeah, yeah, I know, it's "free."
And yeah, there IS a User Agreement.

So, maybe it's just . . . Over?


Eli - 1
1st Amendment - 0


Thank you and bless you, Eli! Well done!
@1 & @4 kristofarian: I know, right?

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