Yes, however none of those immigrants, property owners, butterflies, jaguars, and ecosystems are gonna vote for Prezinazi Pussygrabber-AntiChrist and his malevolent accomplices, so those Rapeublinazi degenerates are hellbent on their total extermination. Destruction is the only thing they do, even when it’s caused by their own incompetence.


@ 1,

Nice bullshitting, but that statement bears no relation to reality. Israel is a violent apartheid state, and while that may be the Rapeublinazis ultimate goal, it’s fundamentally anti-American and anti-Christian.


All that money just to keep those naughty outsiders away from our crumbling infrastructure.


@1 I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it turns out that Israel's wall has the same vulnerabilities as every other wall: you can go over it or under it.


@1 When was the last time you were actually ever IN Israel? I'm guessing... never, right?

I lived in Ashkelon for about three years. It's not too far from Gaza.

First off Gaza doesn't have solid "walls" per say in most of the perimeter. Neither does the West Bank. They have mostly barbed wire topped barrier fences. Just like we have.

The longest stretch of fencing along Gaza is about 150 miles long with only few entry points. The West Bank fencing/wall is only about 440 miles. They are the most heavily patrolled and surveilled areas in the world. Geographically both areas could not be more different the US border with Mexico in Israel has a very very dense population along most to the borders with both areas. So surveilling it and patrolling it can be done with easy cooperation of city police and and the IDF.

The US Mexico border is 2,000 miles long. It is much more desolate and the terrain is far more severe with a only a small stretch of the West Bank as remote. To patrol and secure that border even close to how Israel patrols and secures it's fences would cost hundreds of billions. Without those intense patrols those fences are worthless.

Second, the commercial freight traffic between the the US/Mexico border is also on order of magnitude higher than between Israel and the Palestinian territories. And that's where most people get through.

Third, Israels "wall" is breached every god damned day. With wire cutters. With tunnels. With ladders. With trucks just driving over it. Every day.

Fourth, the barriers in Israel are to keep much smaller population IN small regions not an entire nation of 130 million people OUT. Because that's what walls are for. To keep people IN.

Walls are for prisons, not free countries.



You're a popular dude here. As usual. Pointlessness of this debate notwithstanding, I'll just note that neither you nor I would hesitate to seek out a better life if born into the kind of desperate poverty that those migrants are fleeing, regardless of whether or not we were "wanted" by a segment of the populace in our destination. Keep sending those hints though.


@3: Actually, it seems characteristically christian, unless we're playing the "no true Scotsman" fallacy...


The majority of undocumented immigrants arrive here legally and simply overstay their visas. Illegal border crossings have dropped by 90 percent since 2000.

Even if you're an anti-American racist prick, the wall is a waste of money that won't protect you from all those scary brown people.


@7 The real issue, of course, is that we don't really have a problem with illegal immigration. What we do have is a bunch of cowardly racists who jump all over themselves frothing at the mouth trying to convince everyone else that all our problems would magically disappear once we got rid of those awful brown people.

I'm sure you have so very, very, very many thoughtful and cogent reasons why you aren't a racist coward, but what you don't have is history on your side. If there's one issue that has been a part of the American psyche, it's the immigration question. It even existed alongside the issue of slavery. Go back to any time in our history, and you will find Americans just like you that cried and moaned and bitched and whined about how immigrants, illegal or not, were bringing in drugs, prostitution, murder, taking jobs away while also being lazy, and of course, breeding like rabbits.

So all that horrible, awful, no-good immigrants, illegal or otherwise, were there during our expansion west, through the Civil War, industrialization, railroads, two world wars, becoming a super power, dominating the world economically, and now here in the aftermath of the cold war "victory," and immigration is still here used as an excuse. So spare me your racist cowardly bullshit on why immigrants (illegal or otherwise) are the cause for all our problems. I have over two hundreds years of the same arguments from men far more intelligent and eloquent than you to choose from. And they were just as wrong.


Ask the farmers, restaurant owners, hotel chain managers, oh, and anyone who likes affordable food if "they" aren't wanted here.

Then go fuck your mother in hell, you racist turdblossom.


My family arrived here prior to 1776 (exactly when is a bit hazy but at least one likely two+ generation prior), fought the British along side General Washington (the family had enough money to be officers), married into the Iroquois Onondaga tribe (way early likely for survival in those way early years), as far as I am concerned the Trumps are illegal immigrants. Deport the Trumps now.


@9 “most just walk through the desert.”

No. No they do not. Most illegals overstay visas. About half of the rest come right through the commercial entry points.

And all of this is irrelevant. Because walls do not do shit in this context.

You’re not building 2,000 miles of wall and have it be anything but a massive decades long tax payer funded socialist jobs program.

And, ironically, half of those construction jobs will likely be subcontracted to migrant laborers just like everything else.


@1, @7, & @15: Did you fall and hit your head on a rock, and now all you spew is shit?
Trump itself and vile Trump apologists like YOU are unwelcome here. Get the fuck out of here and go straight to hell. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.00.
@17 spunkbutter: Agreed and seconded.


Haha, I like how it was implied that The Stranger has a billion dollar operating budget. Not only is it Seattle's only newspaper, put they are apparently giving the NYTs a run for thier money.


@16 Keep out the Irish! Buncha lazy drunks that do nothing but fight, fuck and make babies!


@22 -- Just over a billion, actually.
You think marijuanaha grows on bushes?!

Well, it does, but it's EXPENSIVE.

(You should see their Bar Bill.)

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