The vote is: Racist tweets.

Before we get into the major House drama today involving Trump's tweets: Let's talk about Brier, Washington. I know, it's been a while since we've talked about Brier, but look, something big happened there. SOMEONE bought a lotto ticket at Brier Grocery for the July 3 Lotto jackpot and that ticket could be worth $12.2 million. Was it you? Double-check. No one has claimed the prize. The numbers are 05-12-13-27-34-49, reports the Seattle Times. Okay, now let's jump into this hellhole.

The House Republicans, minus four, are on the record as supporting Trump's racist tweets: But House Democrats passed a resolution to condemn Trump's attack on "the Squad." Here's that resolution.

Let's back up: It's been a long day in the House. Time for a re-cap.

You can't CAN call the President a racist in the House: Nancy Pelosi "violated decorum" today, according to House Republicans, when she said that "these comments from the White House are disgraceful and disgusting and these comments are racist." The house was then "thrown into chaos." Republicans requested that Pelosi's statement be taken off the record. Pelosi said she cleared her comments beforehand. The debacle sucked up most of the House's day. It was mess, with House members going back and forth over whether Pelosi should be forced to withdraw her statements.

At one point, the House chair was literally abandoned: High drama.

Here's the actual rule Republicans said Nancy broke:

Representatives are prohibited from referring negatively to individual Members, identifiable groups of Members, the Speaker, the President, or the Vice President. This prohibition also has been applied to nominated candidates for President and Vice President, including those who are not Members of Congress or an incumbent President or Vice President. Similar restrictions apply to remarks about individual Senators.

Wait, wait, McConnell already cleared things up: Trump's not racist! McConnell knows best! House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is toeing party line with McConnell!

Meanwhile, earlier today: Kellyanne Conway asked a reporter his ethnicity.

Okay, let's fucking pivot: The Emmy nominations dropped today. Stranger's Jasmyne Keimig has the list. I think the Emmys just want ratings because they crammed the nominations full of Game of Thrones actors and actresses. Sure, I watched the final season. It was fine. It shouldn't be the most nominated show ever.

Do you want to Lid I-5?: Mr. Savage certainly does. So does Nathalie. Lester wants to just remove I-5. So does Rich. Actually, Nathalie says she's down for either. Anyhow, a debate has broken out in our office over lidding I-5 for the 10,000th time and if you want to relitigate this there will be a Lid I-5 Community Meeting tomorrow night, writes Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

Finally, representation: There's a biracial gay couple emoji coming this year. At last, I can see my life through emoji. Although I'll probably use the sloth, flamingo, and waffle more than any of the other new ones.

Minecraft Earth lands in Seattle: A closed beta test of Minecraft Earth, Minecraft's augmented-reality smartphone game (think Pokemon Go, but Minecraft), launched in Seattle and London today, reports GeekWire. It's not that closed of a test, because you can sign up here. Maybe I just did. MAYBE.

Man hid very expensive cocaine under very cheap wig: Should've used a Wigs by Vanity.

I was on KUOW's The Record today: Talking about flags—listen here. Fags and fascists and sperm also came up. Bill Radke is nice. He called me a "radical nouveau vexillologist." I'm updating my LinkedIn bio to include my new official title. Also SUBMIT YOUR FLAGS FOR OUR SEATTLE CITY FLAG REDESIGN CONTEST.

Google told the House today that it faces stiff competition from Bing: And Facebook denied that it's a monopoly. It's all apart of congressional hearings on the reach of big tech happening today.

The Boeing 737 MAX drama is ricocheting: And affecting Ryanair, the Spirit Airlines of Europe. Ryanair announced today that it will scale back its growth plans for next summer due to the grounding of Boeing's 737 MAX jet. If the grounding lasts longer than expected, analysts worry the fallout will continue with other airlines. Look, maybe Charles is right.

Senator Kamala Harris isn't my top choice for the Democratic 2020 ticket: But man I'd love to see her debate Trump.

Fun Fact: Rep. Ilhan Omar has been a U.S. citizen longer than our first lady.

Trailer dump: The season finale for Big Little Lies is this Sunday. It's got Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep facing off in a courtroom. It's also got a trailer:

On Becoming a God in Central Florida has another trailer: Is it just me or is OBAGICF (ew, what a gross initialism) Showtime's copycat version of HBO's upcoming series The Righteous Gemstones? Or is it the other way around? Both are about scammers in the South and premiering around the same time.