What is now 405, should have been the alignment for I-5, I-90 should have aligned with the West Seattle Freeway.

What is now I-5 from Lynnwood to Sea-Tac should have been a boulevard with at grade light rail running down the middle.

A subway should have been run under Aurora

sigh, what could have been


Kellyanne Conway may not recall that Irish didn't count as "white people" during their heaviest immigrations. Neither did Italians. Nor Jews, for that matter.

Curiously -- and curiously forgotten -- Catholics were even less welcome than Jews through most of US history.


Thank Gawd they wouldn't let us have our Monorail.
We'd all be Home by now.


@2: And of course, the Seattle Commons.


Shit like this is why I avoid Twitter altogether.
@1 GermanSausage: Agreed and seconded. It is a sad day for America.
@2 Merchant Seaman and @6 Phoebe in Wallingford: And we Washingtonians had federal money offered to us back in 1962 in time for the World's Fair to pay for it, too, but voters said no.
@5 kristofarian: I KNOW, right?


The whole government needs to be cleared and simply started anew. I'm dead serious. Everyone involved in this bullshit is literally just angling for attention and votes instead of actually doing work to serve the people.

It's a massive dereliction in duty to spend all this time bullshitting about decorum and Twitter drama. The American people don't care about this partisan sports team bullshit except for idiots who don't matter and who mostly live pointlessly online anyway.

All three branches need pruning, as they are infected with rot.


@9: Thank you for sharing that you see yourself as an idiot living a pointless life, but don't project that onto others.


America! Love It or Leave It

Also: If you ain't White, ya Cain't be Right!

Fascism is when Corps OWN Amerikkka
You have a Problem with Monopolies?!
then you gotta be a Commie

Get on Board
Pull up them Jackboots

And let us ALL mourn the Earthly demise of
Rodger "Dodger" Goebbels-Ailes
the Truest of Tru Patriots
undone by "Feminazis"
who think Women = Men

The joke's on them!
(They're actually
much Smaller).


@11 - He told three natural-born citizens and one naturalized citizen to go back to their countries. At absolute best, we can say that we don't know for sure that it was racist; the fact that we've never seen him tell natural-born or naturalized citizens, even liberal ones, who weren't clearly non-white means reasonable people ought at least to ask whether such a comment is so easily cast because of race.

You claiming to speak for Reverend King is a bit like me claiming to speak for Thomas Aquinas, the likely difference being that I've actually read Aquinas.

"Don't Tread On Us.
You'll be sorry," would have the hard-boiled impact you're hoping for if you weren't a sad little weasel hiding behind ever-changing monikers because you're afraid the big bad speech police will ban you (again, and again) for your brave commitment to refusing to engage in intelligent, civil discourse. "Telling it like it is," I think you and your ilk call it, which is simply another word for letting your subjective fits overtake (obviously liberal, or why would you hate them so?) obfuscations like reason, empiricism, compromise, and simply stating whatever thought enters your head or whatever hackneyed hayseed truism your dad said at the breakfast table as though it were a verifiable fact, or a great immutable truth handed down by whatever Ideal
Form or anthropomorphic deity we're supposed to acknowledge as extant.
I admit, I wish I had your lack of reflection, nuance, or reasonable self-doubt. Might make my days a little easier.
Then again, I might just end up inventing new monikers every time I got banned and harassing people for their views until I wound myself to a stroke. And that'd be a shame. Hell, it'd even be a shame if it happened to you. Relax. Have a cup of tea or something. If that's too poncy and liberal for you, maybe a Rainier tallboy.


I don't like the term "The Squad". At all.

@11: you have a poor grasp of the topics you opine upon, and your Gadsen Flag threats are laughable.


@13: I've missed your comments. <3


It is already a well-established fact that trump is racist, can we please stop talking about tweets?


He addressed congress members- already readily demarcated by their radical policies (and already attacked for such by their own Speaker)- based on their stated positions.
He said nothing about race, gender or any other labels.
His comments are no more racists than those who label them The Squad.
There was nothing racist, or sexist, in his comment.
The left, however, plays the game that if you criticize a POC congress member (or President) you are a racist. That isn't how grown-ups play politics, so grow the fuck up or go play in the kiddie sandbox.
America sees right thru The Lefts twisting a legitimate discussion into one more of an endless stream of hollow shrill accusations of RACISM!!OMG!!!.
As long as The Left is the alternative America will gladly seek the leadership of President Trump.


Anyone not absolutely outrages by Trumps vile, despicable, racist attacks on our elected representatives has utterly succumbed to the trap of fascist propaganda; the deliberate outrage fatigue; the normalization of authoritarian ideology; and, of course the outing of integrity and principle from public life.

That this attack on the values of our society and nations ported through a social media outlet is irrelevant to it's destructive content. Twitter for better or worse (definitely worse) is the fireside chat, the radio address, the medium of our age. And this attack ONLY works by NOT reacting in the most forceful ways civil society can.

By making this some false equivalence, by whining about your annoyance, or squealing that there are more important things that a functioning cvil society you have turned your belly like the predictable trolling bootlicking cowards you are.


"The president is not a racist," say Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a widely recognized racist and professional bigot.


I guess the GOP is out of the bigots closet, and no longer hiding their dog-whistles behind flagpins and pseudo patriotism? When will they change their name officially to RepubliKKKlan?


It whips ass that when asked if it would be racist if someone told his wife to go back to where shes from Mitch refused to answer. That's love.


@17 - Are you duped, or duplicitous? Or to put it another way, born obtuse, or did you go to school for it? Let's review the syphilitic yam's (no offense to either those suffering from syphilis or yams or tubers of any variety intended) actual words:

So interesting to see 'Progressive' Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all)>>Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.<<<

Because they don't come from there. Except for the one who was naturalized later ... but she never lived there as an adult.


Some of what I wrote was cut off for some reason. Here's the missing text:

Three of the four women were born here. They are no more "from" broken nations than I, with features so Irish there can be no doubt about my origins, am "from" Ireland. Yet no matter how you and your brethren may insult the likes of me, I'm never accused of being something other than American in origin, even when being accused of being un-American in temperament.

Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.<<<

Because they don't come from there. Except for the one who was naturalized later ... but she never lived there as an adult.

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