This afternoon, a grand jury indicted Donald Trump on as-yet-unknown charges related to him allegedly directing hush money payments to Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election, making him the first former president ever to face criminal charges, according to the New York Times. 🎊

The news comes somewhat unexpectedly, as sources told CNN this morning that the jurors had clocked out for a break scheduled to span all of April. They must have just dropped off the indictment on their way out the door. 

The general consensus among legal thinkers on the left and the right says the Manhattan District Attorney's case against Trump holds a low probability of success. Lawyers speculate the charges will include a false business recording misdemeanor tied to a federal campaign finance violation. Though serious, the misdemeanor comes with a two-year statute of limitations, and so a judge might throw it out. However, the campaign finance violation comes with a five-year statute of limitations, but since that is a federal crime, it's unclear whether the Manhattan DA can really pursue it. 

That said, Trump isn't only staring down the barrel of one indictment. The former president currently faces 23 active civil and criminal lawsuits, and legal eagles think the election interference case against him in Georgia looks a lot more straightforward and a lot meatier. 

In any event, the news of today's indictment has made for an extremely funny day on social media. 

Happy Thursday, everyone!