WE LOVE MUSIC HERE AT THE STRANGER. All of it. Unreservedly. No exceptions. We-e-ell... except, don't you think some of it might be a teensy-weensy little bit over-hyped? Just a little? So Beck is a maverick post-modern genius, Lauryn Hill is a hiphop goddess, and Elliott Smith is a sensitive crooner whose tunes reach directly to the soul? Right? WRONG! Get the fuck outta our faces, asswipes! What about that school of thought which holds Beck to be a whimsical hiphop dabbler, Lauryn Hill a hideous PC pouter, and Elliott Smith a whiny miserable fuckwit who wouldn't know a good time if it came up and slapped him in the face? This month in Excellent, The Stranger's music monthly, we invite our favorite, fearless writers to smash the shrines of over-rated popular music. We call it... kill-yr-idols