KISS just plain blows. Oh sure, they served as a useful antidote to the Partridge Family in the mid-'70s, but let's face it, David Cassidy's damn near dead now, and the members of KISS aren't exactly looking springtime-fresh.

Fuck nostalgia. KISS is KRAP. If cheap rock and roll theatrics straighten your pubes, then try GWAR fer chrissakes. Move on! And in the name of world peace, will somebody please decommission the wallet-wielding legions of the mighty KISS Army?

"KISS is musical history--I need a souvenir." Fuck you! More than any other musical act KISS = Marketing. From comic books to make-up, their true talent has always been their ability to promote. With "Beth" being their most successful single, don't be surprised to see them launch a "come see the softer side of KISS" tour/campaign soon in a stadium near you.

Stop buying their shit! Only then will they deservedly dissolve into the ether of time, not unlike the words of their many forgettable songs. It's like that one song of theirs where they say, "Uh... well... rock and roll!"