All right, smarties, remember the second-grade spelling bee, when you were the first one who had to sit down? Now's your chance to prove to Mr. or Ms. Neanderthal that you're not as dumb as a tack! I mean... that you're as sharp as a post! I mean... well, just find the letter that doesn't belong in each of the following names and put it aside (one letter only). The leftover letters will spell a song title, but the title is missing a number from 1-10. So rack your brain, get the right answer, have some fun, and win!

1. Dread Kennedys

2. Method Mean

3. Unwodund

4. Two Ton Boca

5. Wolfgang

Amadeus Moozart

6. Nomeansnob

7. The Misfrits

8. Nairvana

9. Bing Black

10. Sulick Rick

11. Them Smiths

12 Beastie Boybs

13. Reed Stars Theory

14. Stoner Roses

The winner will be chosen at random from the correct entries (don't forget to identify the magic number) sent to: Excellent Puzzle, The Stranger, 1535 11th Ave., Third Floor, Seattle, WA, 98122. The PRIZE is a $25 gift certificate to Orpheum Records.