OCCUPATION: Co-hostess (along with the apocalyptically funny Jackie Hell) of Pho Bang, a Thursday-night punk rock/drag cabaret at Foxes.

Why did you start doing Pho Bang?

I dropped out of nail technician school and got tired of walking Aurora. Also, to spread the undying universal wisdom of Yoko Ono.

Were you surprised by the instant draw you received with the shows?

We were delighted, but not surprised. There are lots of people--straight, gay, whatever--who want a place to escape with one another. That is what we try to offer.

Aside from your Thursday night show at Foxes, do you have any plans beyond Pho Bang that relate to the local music/arts scene?

Jackie Hell and I have begun preliminary storyboard work on several short films, and I am rehearsing with my band the Androids. Also my Yoko Ono cover band, YangYang.

Are you proud of your booking successes thus far?

Speaking as someone who prides himself on having terribly bad taste in music, I do think I have a pretty good ear for "the rock." Viva Yoko!

Please respond to the following statement: Seattle has an adolescent music scene.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" jokes aside, immaturity and petulance are inherent to rock. I could deal with a little less of the high school popularity-contest gossip, however.

What is the most immature act you've seen at Pho Bang?

Some local rock star's girlfriend threw a beer bottle at a total stranger and cut his face open. She expected no repercussions because of her "celebrity" reputation.

How old were you when you first did drag?

I was eight years old, in my mom's bedroom in Phoenix. After school I'd be alone, listening to records, and I'd put on Mom's slips and makeup.

Was it a transcendent experience?

It was fantastic.

Is drag tied to your conception of punk rock?

I am a Lady Robot from Munich. What is this drag? What is this punk? How about wiener schnitzel, anybody? What about edelweiss?

What do you love about the local music scene?

All the pretty white belts and unfortunate hairdos.

What do you loathe about the local music scene?

Aging local rock-star bartenders who think they're too goddamn cool to pour a decent drink or smile.