One thing to remember about SIFF: The more movies you see, the more time you'll have to spend in line. Another important thing to remember: Just because you're outside the theater doesn't mean you can't be learning. With that in mind, we have compiled the following activities and discussion topics to help keep the minds of moviegoers occupied while they wait for the doors to open. Readers are encouraged to foster a sense of community among their fellow SIFF audience members by including as many people as possible in the discussion.

Suggested Topics for Discussion

• If you had one bullet, which movie star/filmmaker would you most like to shoot, and why?

• If you had one bullet, which movie star/filmmaker would you most like to pork, and why?

• Rate the Emmanuelles: (A) Sylvia Kristel. (B) Laura Gemser. (C) Mia Nygren. (D) Krista Allen. Discuss.

• Cinema in the wake of 9/11: (A) More important than ever. (B) Increasingly irrelevant. (C) Holy shit, we're all going to fucking die! (D) Palestinian statehood now!

• In the wake of 9/11, what is the most meaningful aspect of Teen Wolf for you personally, and why? (A) The big game. (B) Scott's first transformation. (C) The big kiss with Boof. (D) Two words: van surfing.

• What are your favorite 100 restaurants in Seattle to visit after a SIFF film?

Entertainment Weekly: Worthless shit or evil garbage?

The Stranger: Evil shit or worthless garbage?

Seattle Weekly: Still in business? Why?

• How gay are SIFF's gay films? (A) Dan Savage gay. (B) Richard Reid gay. (C) Liza Minnelli's husband gay. (D) John Ashcroft gay.

• In the wake of 9/11, is SIFF's decision to continue showing Brazilian films irresponsible, or courageous? What about Australia?

• What's the best method for dealing with someone talking too loudly in line about films at SIFF? (A) Roll eyes and scoff audibly. (B) Fake an epileptic seizure on the sidewalk. (C) Start talking just as loudly about Teen Wolf. (D) Tell the ridiculously horrible "What do you get when you stab a six-month-old baby with a kitchen knife?" joke. (Answer: An erection.)