Automaton's Phil Ek-produced Clarions and Banners has just been released, and showcases this three-piece's musical inventiveness. Singer Pat Kearney's politically charged lyrics accompany a somewhat-mathy, post-rock sound. (Saturday, 9 pm, Bad Ju Ju Lounge)



Loud, fun metal that doesn't take itself too seriously, but still manages to kick your ass. (Saturday, 7:45 pm, Bad Ju Ju Lounge)

The Briefs

As if you won't be given enough opportunities to bust a move this weekend, the Briefs are one of Seattle's best reasons to get that ass a-shakin'. They burst on stage exploding with neon, new wave, and so much energy, your grandkids will be born wearing a skinny tie. (SUNDAY, 2:15 pm, MAINSTAGE)

The Catheters

The Catheters are a young band, and they're only getting better with time--and international tours. The Seattle act's sleazy, Stooges-influenced punk comes unhinged when they play live, embodied the best in lanky singer Brian Standeford's sweaty, alley-cat-ready-to-pounce stage moves. (SUNDAY, 6:30 pm, MAINSTAGE)

Charming Snakes

The Charming Snakes live up to their name--the band is a mix of warm, poppy keyboard noises and brooding math rock. It's a bittersweet combo that combines tightly wound intensity with swatches of ebullient musical textures. (Saturday, 5:15 pm, Bad Ju Ju Lounge)


Two musicians and a whole lot of LOUD is what metal-loving Crictor is about. Don't try to tuck them away in some sub-genre or play "Name the Influence," just listen and appreciate the sheer instrumental power emanating from a guitarist and drummer who are, above all, doin' it for themselves. (SUNDAY, 11:30 pm, Bad Ju Ju Lounge)

Dead Low Tide

Take 3/5 of the Murder City Devils and add 1/2 of godheadSilo and you get Dead Low Tide. Spencer Moody is still up front, but his vocals are slightly smoother than when he was howling with the Devils, and Mike Kunka's famously rumbling bass had driven drummer Coady Willis to new levels of power. (SUNDAY, 3:30 pm, MAINSTAGE)

The Epoxies

If you're going to watch the Epoxies (and trust me, you'll want to), remember to wear that outfit made of duct tape and safety pins (you have one, right?). Only then will you fit in with Portland's finest new wave punk quintet. And be prepared to dance too. Roxy Epoxy will make standing static nearly impossible. (SUNDAY, 1 Am [SAT LATE NIGHT], Bad Ju Ju Lounge)


Led by charismatic singer Ryan Davison, eXBeSTFRIeNDS plays explosive metal that wavers somewhere between sludge and glam. But a distinct melodicism pervades the powerful sound, making this band one of Seattle's most exciting acts. (Sunday, 10:15 pm, Bad Ju Ju Lounge)

Federation X

There's something stiflingly hot about Federation X's bluesy, Southern punk. It could be the way their mumbled vocals kinda melt into narcotic, sludgy

guitar riffs or the murderous tendencies they invoke into their demented lyrics, but whatever it is, these guys creep over you like a good summer sweat--or a stalker with a pick ax. Highly recommended. (Saturday, 10:15 pm, Bad Ju Ju Lounge)

Gas Huffer

You could say they rock. Or that they roll. Or that they rock and/or roll. Whatever. Chances are you've seen them before, so you know they're great. And if you haven't... what's wrong with you?


The Gossip

The Gossip's bluesy punk rock heated things up to a dangerous degree at last year's block party. If you missed them, then, well, you missed seeing sexy lead singer Beth Ditto scream her heart out while mascara and lipstick melted down her face under the scorching sun. Don't make the same mistake twice. (Saturday, 2:45 pm, mainstage)

Hell's Belles

An insanely popular all-girl AC/DC cover band. What else do you need to know? (Saturday, 6:30 pm, mainstage)

Hypatia Lake

Hypatia Lake takes their cue from Spiritualized and the Galaxy 500, creating psychedelic, vaudevillian space rock that's melancholic without feeling sluggish. (Sunday, 6:30 pm, Bad Ju Ju Lounge)

Jackie & the

Control Tops

The always-raunchy Jackie Hell offers masturbatory tongue-wagging and crass growling along with the sleazy punk attack of the Control Tops. This is deadpan trash hysteria for those with strong stomachs, and it's as much performance art as it is loud and growly gender-fuck punk. Jackie and the Control Tops are sleazy, abominable, and very wrong. Don't miss them. (Saturday, 5:30 pm, MAINSTAGE)

The Long


With former Western State Hurricanes singer John Roderick serving as the creative force behind the Long Winters, you can expect that sarcasm and sorrow will play major parts in each song. Roderick is joined

by Chris Camiglia, Michael Shilling, Eric Corson, and former Harvey Danger singer Sean Nelson. (Saturday, 1:30 pm, mainstage)

Loveless and

the Goodnight Trail

In the past, we've described Loveless and the Goodnight Trail as sounding like a noisier, less serious R.E.M. You be the judge. Regardless, they're good. (Saturday, 6:30 pm, Bad Ju Ju Lounge)


Fans of Mudhoney's Tomorrow Hit Today will love the band's forth- coming release Since We've Become Translucent, which builds on that album's far-reaching diversity. There's still a lot of snarl and sludge to this beloved Northwest institution, and it's a given that this performance will be the gem of the Block Party. (Saturday, 8:30 pm, mainstage)

New Luck Toy

With their fuzzy guitar noises, jerky beats, and Brit-affected accents, New Luck Toy sound like the next generation of bratty new wave punk. If Pretty in Pink needed an updated soundtrack, this would be the band to play the cool art-rock party. (SUNDAY, 7:45 pm, Bad Ju Ju Lounge)

The Pinkos

The Pinkos' snide folk-punk has garnered the group comparisons to the Knitters, Billy Bragg, and the Violent Femmes. Comprised of members of the Gits and Bell, this political band aims to inform as well as entertain. (Sunday, 9 pm, Bad Ju Ju Lounge)

Pretty Girls

Make Graves

Because they spend a lot of time on the road, any local performance by this awe-striking five-piece is required. For your trouble you'll be rewarded with sassy, tight-as-a-drum musicianship that melds post-punk and new wave into a distinct sound. (Saturday, 4 pm, mainstage)


It's been a few years since this duo became a trio, but 764-HERO's new bassist adds even more punch to this already powerful pop band. Singer John Atkins and drummer Polly Johnson set new standards for Northwest acts with each album. The latest, Nobody Knows this is Everywhere, reaches new levels of poignancy and propulsion. (Sunday, 5 pm, mainstage)


Sleater-Kinney is the only band in the world that simultaneously channels Ricky Wilson and Marlene Marder with grace. And any band Time


calls "America's best rock band" just has to be good, right? (Sunday, 7:45 pm, mainstage)

Teen Cthulu

Mixing hardcore and metal into one giant noise tantrum, Teen Cthulhu are an immensely sharp act for those craving a swift punk scalping. Their songs about death, crystal meth, and murder are wrapped in an even darker coating as haunting keyboard melodies circle overhead like gothic vultures. (Saturday, 12 pm, mainstage)


An all-girl quartet from Seattle, Vandemonium specializes in loud, forceful punk/metal (or "Bitchcore," as the band likes to call it). In short, they rock. (Sunday, 5:15 pm, Bad Ju Ju Lounge)


I'm not sure how this darker rock will fair under a bright sun, but when Verona opened for Juno some time ago, they sounded damn good. Lead singer Kyle Logghe has a voice that will make you swoon, and it's paired with a sometimes-spooky undercurrent of rock. Not necessarily summer music, but still very worthwhile. (Saturday, 11:45 pm, Bad Ju Ju Lounge)

Ursula & the


Fronted by the shock-drag heroine herself, Ursula & the Androids are a three-piece "fuck you" to all things sacred. This is not lip-synched Dorothy worship, this is fierce and chaotic stiletto-heeled trannie punk, and if you're afraid of flying meat or twisted "John Watersian" antics, stay far away. (Sunday, 1:15 pm, mainstage)