EMP Sky Church/2 pmSee preview p. 13

The Gossip
EMP Sky Church/6:30 pmSee preview p. 9

The Pattern
EMP Sky Church/8 pmSee preview p. 15

Wyclef Jean
RealOne Mainstage/8:30 pmThere once was a man from Haiti

Whose favorite word was maybe

He'd try anything

So he'd be the king

To all the hip boys and ladies

His crew was a band called the Fugees

Whose hiphop flowed like a smoothie

There were so many flavors

They all had their own tailors

And eventually it all went ka-blooie!

But Wyclef had planned well ahead

And just as you've probably read

His records went big

And now we'll all dig

His Bumbershoot concert instead

4th Avenue Jones
RealOne Mainstage/6:30 pmPositive, persevere, uplift, empower

Throw out the endless droning

The AKs and the boo-tay

Cop killers and slap that ass

Jones ain't about that

Serious without being superfluous

Or trite like liars

Lift us from the muck

Hose us down and feed our heads

Ignore the masses

Kristin Hersh
Kendall-Jackson Northwest Court Stage/ 8:30 pmKristin Hersh's voice is delish--

I'd let her school me like a fish.

Of the golden tones of her throat

thin-voiced yodelers should take note.

Jack Straw Writers
Starbucks Literary Stage/4:45 pmi heard some of your readers

wondering about how the

jack straw writers got into bumbershoot

those people are always interested in


when the main question is whether

their stuff is

literature or not

all i know is that when

the jack straw writers start

tapping away at their


good things come out

Funky Kingston Rhythm Stage/4:30 pmThis local hiphop crew likes to battle

Wack MCs from Portland to Seattle

Their raps are fast and their beats are cool

Francois sez fas, Oldominion no do.Peter Parker
EMP Sky Church/3:30 pmPeter Parker play

Perfectly painless pleasure

Power-pop-packed punch

The Itals
Funky Kingston Rhythm Stage/8:30 pmThe Itals are vital reggae, yaw

The Itals are real roots reggae, yaw

The Itals are real vital roots rock reggae, yaw

And you miss the Itals performance,

Jah will strike you down with thunder and lighting.

EMP Sky Church/9:30 pmThree is a magic number.

Yes it is. It's a magic number.

Somewhere in the Seattle music trinity

You get three as a magic number.

The past and the present, but alas, no future,

Faith and hope--and now, rarities.

The heart and the brain and Bumbershoot

Give you three.

That's a magic number.

A guitarist and a drummer had a little bassist

Yes they did.

They had three in the family

That's a magic number.

The Drop
EMP Sky Church/5:00 pmFour guys took the stage as the Drop

and tried cooking up nebulous pop.

They soon blew out their amps

and gave themselves cramps

and the audience hollered,

"Please stop!"The Jelly Rollers
Northwest Airlines Blues Stage/12:45 pmHow many licks would the blues band lick

If a blues band could lick

Muddy Waters' dick?

If any blues band could lick Waters' dick,

It would be the Jelly Rollers, though the analogy's


GarÞeld High School Jazz Combo
Kendall-Jackson Northwest Court Stage/ 12:30 pmThe raw noise of youth

loud horns, drums and piano

coming together

Multiplex: work by 22 artists
Curated by Michael Van Horn, Rainier RoomThe world is a very

Strange place

Filled with very

Strange people making

Strange things.

Phil Roach makes things very small.

Susan Robb makes things very large.

Gary Smoot makes things float.

My head is spinning,

Spinning.Bumberbiennale 2002: The Portrait Project
Curated by Matthew Kangas, Olympic RoomPaint a portrait of me.

What do you see?

I am a hot young singer babe.

These artists are not so hot

But they have nice studios.

I should go down to SoHo or Pioneer

Square and kick out an artist, and then

Put in a Sub-Zero fridge and fill it with white wine.

Paint a portrait of me.

What do you see?

Exquisite Corpse
Curated by Marion Peck, Fidalgo RoomSometimes I feel

Like my body has been assembled

By three different artists, with different visions

And different styles

Who haven't been talking to one another

Working in a void.

I try to love this constructed me.

It is not so difficult.

Lou Reed
RealOne Mainstage/9 pmSee preview p. 5

Linton Kwesi Johnson
Funky Kingston Rhythm Stage/8:30 pmSee preview p. 26

Sarah Silverman
Laughingstock Comedy Club/9:30 pmFunny lady,

Pretty too.

Just wrote in Vice magazine

About not going poo.

Did you read it?

Probably not.

But go see her anyway,

Her show's sure to be hot.

Ani DiFranco
RealOne Mainstage/4:15 pmA tiny woman with a guitar

strumming, singing, shouting

emptying her heart in Memorial Stadium

for the girls who worship her.

Acoustic melody, poetry, and revelry

flowing from her righteous-babe mouth

into the ears of her eager congregation.

Concrete Blonde
Rock Arena/8 pmI was transfixed by Ms. Johnette

liked her more than Johnny Depp

or Coreys Haim and Feldman too

(but not as much as Siouxsie Sioux).

Now I wonder what she's thinking

staying on the ship that's sinking.

Her band hit its end-of-line

long ago in '89.

The Catheters
EMP Sky Church/8 pmSeattle's punk royalty gives Sub Pop a good name

Their music shoots bullets through the same-old same-old getting passed off these days as being so raw

Dan Savage would love the singer even if it was against the law.

The Turn-Ons
EMP Sky Church/6:30 pmThe Van Pattens were a celebrity family in the '70s

Dreamy Jimmy and Vince stuffed the pages of Tiger Beat,

Wore bell-bottoms and boots while smiling sweet

Proud Poppa Dick's TV show Eight Is Enough carried them into the early '80s

Jimmy and Vince wore cropped leather jackets in the pages of 16 magazine

Then they were gone.

But their style lives on.

Alien Crime Syndicate
EMP Sky Church/9:30 pmAlien Crime Syndicate wrote a song about

Ozzy Osbourne

Before he became a household celebrity

They play rock like it's meant for arenas

And those guitar players sure are pretty.

Danny Barnes & Laura Veirs
Kendall-Jackson Northwest Court Stage/ 6:30 pmIn the Bad Livers Danny grew banjo brawn

Upon country and punk influences Laura has drawn

Side by side their talents gain vigor

It would only make sense if their careers got bigger

Jenny Toomey
Kendall-Jackson Northwest Court Stage/ 8:30 pmSo smooth of voice and high of intellect,

This former Tsunami singer--her last album

Was a two-CD package only an idiot would neglect.

Recorded part in Chicago and part in Nashville

It's full of lush melodies that speak to young lovers

And those over the hill.Unwritten Law
Rock Arena/1:30 pmWhen I was 16, in that silly Cali-punk scene,

Unwritten Law was the band for me.

But their new album's kind of bad, which makes me pretty sad,

cause the lead singer's still H-O-T!

EMP Sky Church/12:30 pmN is for a nice guitar

better than a synth by far

add drums, cymbals, and a bass,

a gentle voice that floats in space.

E is for Eureka Farm

where some of Neo once came from.

I like them better as they are

all bright and twinkly like a star.

O is for an open string

a pretty-sounding kind of thing.

Neo adds some to their chords

the result's too nice for words.

Multiplex: work by 22 artists
Curated by Michael Van Horn, Rainier RoomSee Friday

Bumberbiennale 2002: The Portrait Project
Curated by Matthew Kangas, Olympic RoomSee Friday

Exquisite Corpse
Curated by Marion Peck, Fidalgo RoomSee Friday

Linton Kwesi Johnson
Funky Kingston Rhythm Stage/2:15 pmSee preview p. 26

Modest Mouse
RealOne Mainstage/3 pmThree boys from the country

grew up to make music loved by kids

from major cities

Now the boys are celebrities

but they're still sweeties

Sonic Youth
RealOne Mainstage/4:45 pmThurston, Lee, Kim, and Steve,

If you should disband I'd surely grieve.

All of your records are super neat,

From Bad Moon Rising to Murray Street.

RealOne Mainstage/9 pmEverclear, oh Everclear, you've fallen all to pieces.

With fame in your head, and your rock side dead,

Instead of seeing you, I'd sooner eat feces.Beachwood Sparks
Northwest Airlines Blues Stage/4:30 pmUnder skies of


with kaleidoscope visions we

hold the hands of

angels as

we gasp in Gram


exhaling in Country

Bear Jamboree

The Shins
Rock Arena/6 pmAlbuquerque is a glorious place

That spawned a pop band whose singer

Has a Muppet face

He moved to Portland for a change of pace

But we'll forgive him that disgrace.

Death Cab for Cutie
Rock Arena/9:15 pmPower pop and emo are at war

and Death Cab for Cutie

is at the war's core

I say potato,

you say potahto

aw fuck it, let's the kids think what they want.

The Helio Sequence
EMP Sky Church/12:30 pmThe Helio Sequence are so very loud

they make their mommas very proud.

Speakers tremble in deep fear

at the sight of HS and their gear.

Their last record, Young Effectuals,

was spacey, smart, and intellectual

but still good when turned up to 10

thanks so much, Brandon and Ben!

Damien Jurado
EMP Sky Church/3:30 pmHe's big like a wrestler

But he sings songs sweet

To break your heart

Not your neck

John Wesley Harding
Kendall-Jackson Northwest Court Stage/ 8:30 pmHis friends call him WEZ

Because he calls himself WEZ

WEZ plays guitar and tells fanciful stories

In a fanciful English accent that causes him

To pronounce Wes as WEZ

Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
Funky Kingston Rhythm Stage/8:30 pmIf the sun is out the day

That Antibalas comes to play

Our feet will be in dismay

As we dance ourselves away

On Afro-beat grooves and soul

Hypnotic, tight and bold

New energy mixed with old

Feel free to light up a bowl

Kelly Willis
Northwest Airlines Blues Stage/8:30 pmA singer who came from the South

had the most improbable mouth

a series of notes

would come from her throat

that just about knocked us all out.

The Model Rockets
EMP Sky Church/2 pmPop bands have it hard.

"Power chords," the world says. "Loud!"

But they just bounce away.

Multiplex: work by 22 artists
Curated by Michael Van Horn, Rainier RoomSee Friday

Bumberbiennale 2002: The Portrait Project
Curated by Matthew Kangas, Olympic RoomSee Friday

Exquisite Corpse
Curated by Marion Peck, Fidalgo RoomSee Friday

The Mekons
Northwest Airlines Blues Stage/3:30 pmSee preview p. 7

Circle of Fire
Biringer Farm Bagley Wright Theater/ 4:45 pmSee preview p. 29

EMP Sky Church/3:30 pmSee preview p. 11

Clint Catalyst & Tess. Lotta read JT LeRoy
Starbucks Literary Stage/1:45 pmSee preview p. 25

RealOne Mainstage/1:30 pmClever, catchy Wilco

There's No Depression when you're around

Especially when the Beach Boys influences abound

Those Warner execs must feel stupid for letting you go

El Vez
Northwest Airlines Blues Stage/1:30 pmThe Mexican Elvis puts on quite a show

With costumes and show tunes and jokes on a roll.

He's snappy and skinny and full of sharp wit

If you can't get with him your humor is shit.

Sarah Silverman
Laughingstock Comedy Club/4 pmSee Saturday

Maceo Parker
Rock Arena/4:30 pmfunky jazz and soul

former James Brown bandleader

rocks KeyArena

Blonde Redhead
Rock Arena/8 pmTwo brothers from Italy, a girl from Japan

Got together and formed a ban(d).

Now they're beloved from East to West

And their very last record is their best.

Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter
EMP Sky Church/5 pmJesse and Phil went up the hill

To write some beautiful songs

Phil fell down and left Whiskeytown

and what's left is the Sweet Hereafter

Marc Olsen
Kendall-Jackson Northwest Court Stage/6:30 pmMarc Olsen first wrote songs about tunnels

His next album title was something befuddled

But now he writes bleak requiems of all sorts

Go see him play, and hope he wears shorts

EMP Sky Church/12:30 pmHammerboxing Goodness but neither of those, with (nice outside) a hint of Brit-poppy "who cares?" and a little (a little hot, gotta pay bills) electronic on the side, soft keys, occasional beats, and bi-gender vocals (grilled cheese sandwich), not Portishead-level trip-hoppy but lush, still (maybe a glass of water) light around the edges, exotic but sunny (or a Sprite), like a ghostly oasis to a doomed desert wanderer (Corona with lime, or a cider), off-kilter ear candy, accessible without losing momentum, Everything But the Girl, but not (la, la, la! laaaa, la) so grounded (Batman Forever was terrible), just a pop-pastry flourish (gotta go watch TV now) with extra serotonin, ripe for fuzzy heads.

Streaming consciousness

(Is The Next Generation on again?)

Their tunes flow smoothly

Matt Corwine/Donald Glaude
EMP Sky Church/7 pm/9:30 pmFrom a place of timber, mountainous and overflowing

With lattes and little ones

The land spits out its seeds, in quick bursts

Of rhythm, exquisitely mixed

To spread the gospels of cadence and time

A pale place with false gold and no onyx

And clanging guitars

The last night is filled with revel and vinyl

And dueling DJs

Chosen sons, ready with groove

The Derailers
Northwest Airlines Blues Stage/5:30 pmWith fiddles and swing from a bar out in Texas

These boys got a sound that purrs like a Lexus

They met in Portland, just down the road,

But soon they decided to leave their abode

So they left and said, "We know where we're goin'...

"We're headin' down South to live like Buck Owens."

Multiplex: work by 22 artists
Curated by Michael Van Horn, Rainier RoomSee Friday

Bumberbiennale 2002: The Portrait Project
Curated by Matthew Kangas, Olympic RoomSee Friday

Exquisite Corpse
Curated by Marion Peck, Fidalgo RoomSee Friday

Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
Funky Kingston Rhythm Stage/6:15 pmSee Sunday