On Friday, August 30, at Bumbershoot, a cornucopia of Seattle's most freakishly talented citizens will take the Bagley Wright stage to compete for fame, glory, and kick-ass prizes at Pizzazz!, The Stranger's third annual citywide talent show. In preparation for the big event, each of the 19 acts provided us with basic info and an answer to the question, "When did you first become aware you had Pizzazz!?"

James Burchfield
Age: 23

Talent: Vocal Percussion with Melody

Pizzazz!: "Beatbox has been my passion since early adolescence, and I consider it a humble, spiritual gift that needs to be heard."

Shirley Cooper
Age: 54

Talent: Jazz Singer

Pizzazz!: "I have sung all of my life. I changed from gospel to jazz a couple of years ago, after working with a vocal coach who heard a great deal of potential in my voice. And I was nominated most likely to succeed/most talented in high school."

The Biznautics
Age: Young twentysomethings.

Talent: Live Hiphop Group with Jazz, Funk, and Rock Influences

Pizzazz!: David Schmader writes: "The band's answer to this question didn't make much sense, but I imagine that's what happens when you ask hiphop groups to answer questions en masse. However, for evidence of the Biznautics' abundant Pizzazz!, one need look no further than the band's ferociously passionate manager, who's like Lou Perlman, Colonel Tom Parker, and Fats Gonder of James Brown's Famous Flames all rolled into one."

Rob Alleson
Age: Younger than flatbread.

Talent: Comedic Singer-Songwriter with a Soft Spot for Billy Joel

Pizzazz!: "I'll know when I take the stage next Friday."

Age: 34

Talent: "I play a homemade thumb piano and sing songs that share with the audience my view of the world."

Pizzazz!: "When I realized that my prodigious thumb-piano skills would enable me to exact revenge on all the bullies who picked on me in high school."

The Go-Girl Tappers
Age: 10

Talent: Razzle-Dazzle Tap Dancing Duo

Pizzazz!: "When the Pizzazz! judges cheered at our audition."

Pepé Quick
Age: 19

Talent: Interpretive Dance

Pizzazz!: "It wasn't exactly an epiphany, but about a year ago I became aware that I might be able to forge a career out of my dancing."

Miss Indigo Blue
Age: 32

Talent: Ecdysiast Extraordinaire

Pizzazz!: "When I twirled tassels on stage at the Kit Kat Follies in Los Angeles for a delighted crowd of hundreds, including Hugh Hefner and Marilyn Manson."

Bones Barrone
Age: 30

Talent: The Art of the Pip

Pizzazz!: "When I performed with Gladys Knight at the 1975 Grammy Awards."Poeina Suddarth & Redfish Bluefish
Age: Younger than Jewel.

Talent: Vocalist/Singer-Songwriter/Bandleader

Pizzazz!: "I had a choice: either become a star or a bank robber. A life of Pizzazz! just seemed easier."

Mr. Lund & Untreated Depression
Age: 27

Talent: Flea Trainer/Rock Musician

Pizzazz!: "I always knew I had the makings of a star, but I didn't know I wanted to BE one until I saw Nikki Sixx light his boots on fire."

Raleigh Holmes
Age: 13

Talent: A Cappella Singer

Pizzazz!: "Ever since I was six or seven, I loved to sing, dance, and act, and I never got stage fright. My most common compliment is how much stage presence I have."

Age: Younger than Alicia Keys.

Talent: R&B/Hiphop Singer and Songwriter

Pizzazz!: "I've had a microphone in my hand since the age of one. My father was a country singer and my mother sang with a Top 40 cover band in the '80s--Pizzazz! is pretty much in my blood."

Forgotten Sol
Age: 26, 28

Talent: Singer-Songwriter Duo

Pizzazz!: "We knew we were stars when we took astronomy class."

The Stuntmen
Age: Mean age: 23.833333333

Talent: Sketch Comedy

Pizzazz!: "We knew we had Pizzazz! on our first date."

Stanley Harris
Age: 24

Talent: Rapper

Pizzazz!: "I'll know I have the makings of a star when I become one. I want to dedicate my Pizzazz! performance to past artists like 2Pac, Biggie, Aaliyah, and Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes. Their lives and deaths are reminders that we all have a time limit on the Earth and inspire me to say what I have to say."

Chandana Dixit
Age: Unwilling to disclose.

Talent: Singer/Indian Recording Artist

Pizzazz!: "I went to a music competition when I was 16 years old. It was my first competition, and I was the youngest as well as the least accomplished performer participating. It was a very prestigious competition in India and I won first place. I felt that this experience was a signal that I should pursue singing."

Blood Bunny
Ages: 27, 28, 32

Talent: Three-Piece Rock Band

Pizzazz!: "Ivory and I both knew that we were destined to be stars at age six. We had both seen the movie Xanadu and we would spend countless hours in the basement, roller-skating and singing Olivia Newton-John songs at the top of our lungs. Tim knew he had Pizzazz! upon taking his first guitar lesson at age five with Sister Marguerite at the Sacred Heart Convent."

Sheila Bordeaux and the Mary K. Conspiracy
Age: Ageless.

Talent: Five-Piece Theatrical/Musical Extravaganza

Pizzazz!: "Oh honey, we were all born stars."