It's just not clear to the Stranger Election Glee Club why local Democrats are so stressed out about this race. Sure, there are three Democrats vying to fill Rep. Eileen Cody's important South Seattle seat, but the choice in this race is pretty obvious.

Longtime Beacon Hill resident Roger Valdez's reasoned manner will make him a persuasive legislator. The guy has paid his dues: He's secured funding for libraries, sidewalks, lighting, and parks throughout South Park and Georgetown; he served as vice president on the North Beacon Hill Council; and he did a three-year stint as the city's South Park and Georgetown neighborhood development manager. More important, health care is shaping up to be the top issue next session and Valdez is currently a regional health officer with Public Health-Seattle & King County.

Hardcore Democrat Zack Hudgins is angry about getting stuck in traffic on his way to work at Microsoft (then move to fuckin' Redmond, Zack), while women-centered legislative lobbyist Natalie Reber sports some Olympia experience, but neither candidate can equal Valdez's qualifications.

Natalie D. Reber
Arapahoe High (Littleton, Colorado), 1992路 Nickname was "Reefer"

路 High-school boyfriend's parents sent her a campaign contribution

路 Was brought home by the cops the first time she got drunk

Roger Valdez
Manzano High (Albuquerque, New Mexico), 1987路 Ambiguous about losing his virginity: "Who says I lost it?"

路 Read Das Kapital in ninth grade

路 Received a perfect attendance award