The last time we wrote about North Seattle-and-beyond Rep. Jay Inslee (in the Stranger Glee Club's primary endorsement issue), we were a gushy mess, praising Inslee's dreamy left-wing voting record (not to mention his dreamy jawline, and the fact that the guy hasn't aged a day since graduating from Ingraham High School 33 years ago).

Well, in just the past two months, Democrat Inslee's voting record has gotten even hotter. Since we last gushed, Inslee cast a vote in late September against some dumb Florida Republican's bill to zap abortion funding, and just this month, he voted against handing President Bush a blank check to attack Iraq.

That's right, despite serving a somewhat conservative district (Shoreline, Edmonds), Inslee didn't crumble at Bush's campaign-season ploy. Instead, he stood up for Seattle's clear opposition to Bush's political gambit and war.

We're not saying Inslee's infallible--his vote for the creepy USA PATRIOT Act was a serious lapse in judgment, and the Glee Club properly schooled him on that matter. But on every other issue--the environment, trade, health care, and corporate regulations--Inslee is a smart (and anti-Bush) rising star.