Pullout Nov 21, 2002 at 4:00 am

Richard Lee's Wild Ride Through Nirvana Fictions


I met this guy today at Viretta (Kurt Cobain) Park. I thought he was cool and actually talked to him a bit about why I had written a particular lyric on one of the benches. Then, all the sudden, he tries to force me into blaming everything on Courtney Love. The guy is a nut...hilarious, but still a nut.
Dick Lee has been spouting nonsense since long before Kurt Cobain died.
I used to watch his cheesy public access program just to study his plethora of psychological issues. It was the video equivalent of rubbernecking at a horrific car wreck.
From his latest activities, it sounds like his mental problems are getting worse with the passage of time. Of course, you can't treat the untreatable.
He was fruit loops and cuckoo for cocoa puffs thirty years ago, and he'll continue to be until his expiration date.
Richard Lee has said A LOT of things worth listening to about the Kurt Cobain death. Yes he's aggressive, eccentric, and ambushing...but he's also well researched, well documented, and on to something. People tend to dismiss him instead of setting his eccentricities aside and hearing what he's saying. At the very least, the SPD did a piss poor job investigating the death of Kurt Cobain - not to mention the fact that the Bleitz employees who mutilated his body were never prosecuted. There is a lot to wonder about in the entire handling of Kurt Cobains case. Even if you don't agree that he was murdered, the SPD acted inconsistent with the actual law, and that is BIG problem.

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