West Seattle King County Council rep Dow Constantine is a smart-ass and smart Democrat who pushes the liberal agenda on Eastside Republicans. And you can't tell from looking at him, but he's a punk rock fan as well.

The Seattle City Council's coolest member, Nick Licata, is a Block Party veteran by now, but this year is extra sweet: It's the first party since he helped pass the All Ages Dance Ordinance last August, effectively opening up Seattle's scene to the under-21 kids. Yay Nick!

Tom Rasmussen, a longtime advocate for senior citizens and this year's only gay candidate for the Seattle City Council, is trying to unseat Council Member Margaret Pageler, whom some will remember as the woman who tried to kill the All Ages Dance Ordinance.

Seattle City Council President Peter Steinbrueck returns to the Block Party after a 2001 appearance during which he flubbed Pedro the Lion's intro--calling the group "Pedro and the Lions." Here's hoping he has more luck introducing 2003's bands.

Sure, Heidi Wills is that annoying priss from high school (think Reese Witherspoon in Election), but she's also a solid progressive on social issues, low-income advocacy, and, most important to Wills, the environment.