God of Clubland
Sample a veritable dim sum of Seattle nightlife with this expansive pass package, offering one night free admission for two to 25 Seattle nightclubs, including Hell's Kitchen, the Last Supper Club, Re-bar, Graceland, Club Medusa, Downunder, the Tractor, Tiki Bob's, Jazz Alley, Doc Maynard's, the Rainbow, Conor Byrne's, the aforementioned Chop Suey, the Fenix Underground, the Crocodile, the Showbox, the Fun House, Larry's, the Vera Project, the Rendezvous, Tommy's Nightclub, Lock & Keel, the Sunset, Neighbours, and Studio Seven. That's 25 nights of getting down all over town--perfect for the new arrivals and new singles on your gift list.
A $250 value! Starting bid: $1.99

God of The End
For years, the only way to attend one of 107.7 The End's EndSessions--wherein performers such as Radiohead, the White Stripes, AFI, and Dashboard Confessional give intimate acoustic performances at an unannounced local studio--was to win tickets through an exhausting, intricate dial-in contest. This year, one lucky person (and an even luckier friend) gets to bypass the nerve-racking drama of winning tickets and attend one EndSession of his or her choice in 2004. The recipient of this gift also gets a CD by the chosen band (for handy autographing at the "meet-n-greet" after the performance), and will join Megan Seling on-air as she talks about upcoming concerts and local bands with 107.7 The End's infamous professional disc Jockey DJ No Name.
This gift is priceless! Starting bid: $1.99

God of SIFF
Every year the Seattle International Film Festival soaks our fair city in cinematic glory. For movie lovers, SIFF is the most wonderful time of the year. With two full-series passes to SIFF 2004, the recipient of this gift can lord it over single-ticket holders.
An $800 value! Starting bid: $1.99

God of Bumbershoot
Every Labor Day weekend, Bumbershoot fills Seattle Center with a stunning array of music, dance, and theater performances, every single one of them at the end of a long-ass line. But the person who gets this gift pack won't have to wait in line for anything! These two VIP passes to the entire three-day festival allow the holders to stroll past the swarming hordes to the VIP entrance, and spend time between shows hobnobbing in the VIP hospitality room.
A $100 value! (Not waiting in line: Priceless.) Starting bid: $1.99

God of rock gift pack
Perfect for the fledgling hipster or the embittered alterna-adult, this gift pack includes a $200 gift certificate for Kaboom Tattoo, a $25 gift certificate for Silver Platters, and a design-your-own T-shirt from B-Bam! (Fledgling hipster version includes Donnas lunchbox. Embittered alterna-adult version includes Fleetwood Mac lithograph.)
A $250 value! Starting bid: $1.99

God of the Capitol Hill Block Party!
The Capitol Hill Block Party is the local music event of the summer, the place where the best of the best from the Northwest take multiple stages over two days to celebrate what a great fucking music scene we're sitting on here. The problem: Not every band that wants to play or deserves to play can fit on the bill. What better way to guarantee your band gets included than to buy your way in? It's not bribery, it's charity!
Priceless! Starting bid: $1.99

God of Easy Street Records
The hottest prize of last year's catalog is back! After being nearly plundered under by last year's rapacious winner, Easy Street has wisely pared down the grab-what-you-can shopping spree to two minutes and a total value of $500--which is still shockingly generous, and still gives smart planners plenty of time to pick up all those records they've been meaning to get for so long. Just like last year, the winner must wear an elf costume during his or her shopping spree, with "shopping elf" photos appearing in Easy Street's Christmas ads.
A $500 value! Starting bid: $1.99

God of Sonic Boom Records
Payola meets charity with the Sonic Boom Ultimate Band Pack. Purchase this sucker and your band (or the band of your choice) gets star treatment in all three Sonic Boom record stores. That means all those songs you wrote about evil corporate industry schemes will get prime positioning at Sonic Boom in-store listening stations, on the stores' CD racks, and in their print ads. Money can buy you love!
Priceless! Starting bid: $1.99

GOD OF Brazil
Submerge yourself in Brazilinalia with Strangercrombie's Brazil Fun Pack. Includes a Brazilian novel (Jorge Amado's Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, courtesy of Bailey/Coy Books), some Brazilian music (Tom Zé's Com Defeito De Fabricaçäo, courtesy of Silver Platters), and a Brazilian from Wax on Spa.
A $100 value! Starting bid: $1.99

God of Steve Pool!
That's right--the winner of this gift gets lunch with KOMO TV weatherman Steve Pool!
Priceless! Starting bid: $1.99

God of Nicole Brodeur!
That's right--the winner of this gift gets lunch with good-sport Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur!
Priceless! Starting bid: $1.99

God of Massage
You know what's better than a massage? Five massages, each delivered by an ambitious up-n-comer at the Brenneke School of Massage's student clinic. That's one massage every day for an entire workweek! Or one for each season of the year, with an extra left over for an emergency.
A $125 value! Starting bid: $1.99

God of Chop Suey
Here's the perfect gift for the diehard clubgoer on your list: placement on the Chop Suey guest list every night for an entire year. From Monday rock shows to Yo, Son! Sundays, the recipient of this gift will be king or queen of the floor for 2004. (Acting like a butthole prohibited.)
A $3,000 value! Starting bid: $1.99