Note: This list of local stores selling, events featuring, and local people making handcrafted stuff is in no particular order and is by nature incomplete.


FANCY 1914 Second Ave, 956-2945, Handmade heirloom-quality jewelry for the under-jeweled. Also: a greeter named Leroy.

SCHMANCY 1932 Second Ave, 728-8008, Quirky toys, collectibles, and original artwork for the world—handcrafted by local artists. All are welcome, except for drunk hoboes.

PANTS 1914 Second Ave, 956-2945, All-underpants shop for men, women, and other. Note: Items that have been worn, appear worn, etc., may not be exchanged.

NANCY 1930 Second Ave, 441-7131. Specializing in handmade cards, custom letterpress, and crazy ceramic figurines.

BLUEBOTTLE 415 E Pine St, 325-1592, Prints and functional art from local and national artists.

VELOURIA 2205 NW Market St, 788-0330, Girly locally made clothing, mass production–free.

SQUARE ROOM 910 and 1316 E Pike St, 267-7120, Minimalist nature-inspired housewares created by artists.

HIPPOSCHEMES 1510 12th Ave, 234-2342, Reworked secondhand clothing, as well as custom reimagining of your own old clothes.

20TWENTY 5208 Ballard Ave NW, 706-0969. Handmade clothing, renewed vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories by a wide variety of local artists.

STITCHES 711 E Pike St, 709-0707, Unconventional materials for your sewing projects. Also: classes for the aspiring sewer.

M:PULSE 621 N 36th St, 545-4854, Art space featuring gallery shows as well as functional art.

THE SWEATSHOP 1510 E Olive Way, 324-3662, Artist-run shop featuring handmade clothing designs.

PRETTY PARLOR 119 Summit Ave E, 405-CUTE, Cutesy vintage and reworked designs as well as local designers. Also: seamstress and/or seamster for custom work.

CLICK! DESIGN THAT FITS 2210 California Ave SW, 328-9252, Functional things, conscientiously made, contributing beauty rather than hideousness to daily life. Also: Smersh Design contemporary jewelry, currently incorporating concrete, clean lines, and a "spicy" color palette.

GARGOYLES STATUARY 4550 University Way NE, 632-4940, Phantasmagorical and mystical stone statues, along with other handmade dark treasures.

BOUNCING WALL 2225 Queen Anne Ave N, 285-9255, Local designers making functional and wearable art.

R.E.LOAD BAGS 1205 E Pike St, Suite 1D, 329-2546, Handmade, custom messenger bags and other bike gear.


Monthly Capitol Hill craft fair. See website for locations,, free.

Over 100 independent vendors. Dec 2 and 3, Seattle Center Exhibition Hall,, free.

Food, crafts, and entertainment to benefit local food banks. Dec 2 and 3, Phinney Neighborhood Center, 6532 Phinney Ave N,, $2/$4 donation.

Local crafter-artists get together to sell stuff. Next date: Dec 17, Crocodile Cafe, 2200 Second Ave,, free.


DANIEL WEBSTER DESIGN Junk-amplifying man-panties and other male underwear.

LA MACÓN HANDBAGS Leather purses, wallets, and chokers. Totally metal and cute at the same time.

RED DELICIOUS Casual handbags and accessories using brocade fabrics and chopstick handles.

THE CRAFTY DEVILS Fresh wallets, bags, and clutches with repeating designs and handcrafted hardware. Also featuring jewelry and cards.

ADORN JEWELRY Nature-themed resined pendants, bird's nest pendants with Audubon-approved egg colors.

SPARKLE PUSS Handmade scented soy candles.

WILLOW LETELLIER Modern, smooth hammered silver earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with organic shapes.

SLOW LORIS Screen-printed shirts with line drawings of animals and engines.

EMPIRE EMPIRE Screen-printed shirts and skirts with adventurous graphics and a phallic zucchini.

RUFFEO HEARTS LIL SNOTTY Street-oriented clothing designs from outer space.

NIKKI MCCLURE Sentimental and stylized line drawings on calendars, note cards, and as original art prints.

ICON INK Any conceivable paper good, including art prints and gift cards, turned on its head and made wonderful with an urban touch.

ROSEMARY PHAM Metalsmithed jewelry with unique embellishment.

PIE TEES Sweatshop-free screened T-shirts for man, woman, child, dog.

J. VON STRATTON Clothing, costumes, and wig styling with a sexy flair.

GLAM GARB Hand-dyed vintage slips.

SAM TROUT Pulp illustration and nature-oriented screened T-shirts.

SEWDORKY Surreal felted and stuffed donuts and teeth.

LE MERDE Spiky-toothed creatures who like tennis in figurine, print, and T-shirt format.

NEKO FACTORY Sleepy-cute stuffed cats.

BOOFY BOOF Long-limbed lost stuffed animals with adorable misshapen heads. Also art prints of the same.

ALLISON MANCH Hand-embroidered handkerchiefs with lyrical imagery. Also, photographic portraits.

LOOK WHAT I CAN DO "Love Creatures," which are dolls made of unique patterned fabrics and button eyes.

ALCHEMY GOODS Messenger bags made from diverse recycled materials, including bike tubes and seatbelts.

LIL' AWESOME Onesies for the infant who doesn't want to spit up on just any old garment.


BUY OLYMPIA Regarded as one of the first places to distribute DIY crafting effectively. Yeah, blame them.

COPACETIQUE Ballard-based boutique website. Also has a product line of extreme cuteness.

ETSY Nationwide distribution network for artists and crafters.

SEATTLE CRAFT MAFIA Cosa Nostra of crafts, except anyone can join and everything is "made."