Travis Collier is Canadian and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is also a professional BMX biker and was visiting Seattle to "film and ride in skate parks and all around the city," he says. "And to party." He is a walking, talking advertisement for the clothes he wears (many items were given to him by sponsors), and he describes his style as "colorful."

HAT by Stussy, $20 from Goods (1112 Pike St, 622-0459).

Baseball hats are part of the American uniform, but in Britain they are not as highly regarded. In the high-class Bluewater Shopping Centre, located in Kent in the United Kingdom, they have banned baseball hats (and hoods, and groups of more than five with no intention of shopping) in an attempt to stamp out gangs of mallrats who lurk and subvert the ethos of affluent shopping. Here in the America, the bills of baseball hats were once worn curled over at the ends of the bill; sometimes a sharp crease was intentionally created in the middle of the bill. Today's stylish wearer of baseball hats leaves the bill alone, broad and flat, no crease. Collier has curled his cap's bill, which makes his hat unstylish.

T-SHIRT by Stereo Panda, from Stereo Panda in Paris (

The word panda is most commonly used to refer to Asia's endangered, mammalian giant panda, and a tiny one of these appears on a patch on Collier's shirt. But panda is also a genus of plant. Chimpanzees are often observed hammering the nuts of Panda oleosa, which are difficult for them to open with their creepy, quasi-human hands. Chimpanzees were using stone tools to hammer open nuts 4,300 years ago. At one time it was believed that only humans used tools. We are not special.

UNDERSHIRT, free from MacNeil Bikes (

Collier rides BMX bikes "flatland" style—flatlanders are the outcasts of the BMX world. Instead of riding on dirt trails or skate-park style bowls and ramps, flatlanders use two-dimensional spaces like parking lots. From a standing or slowly rolling position, they manipulate their bikes into a multitude of positions using spinning and balancing techniques. The term flatland may be taken from the short novel Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, written in 1884 by Edwin A. Abbott. The story is useful for those learning about geometry, but is also regarded as a comment on Victorian social mores.

STRETCH DENIM SLACKS, $100 from American Apparel (4345 University Way NE 206-547-0399, and elsewhere, though these pants are not available at the Seattle stores).

A cozy fit helps Collier display his vital assets inside a package of bright color.

BELT, $20 from "some skuzzy vintage store in New Orleans," with EAGLE BELT BUCKLE, free, given to him by his father.

It is strange that Collier's father would give him a belt buckle as a present, when the relationship between son, father, and belt is often difficult. Although belting children has been banned in most schools, it is a common form of parent-administered punishment to this day, and in the context of many father/son relationships the belt symbolizes discipline, not love. In the 19th century, young men were made to wear belts to school as constant reminders of the danger they were in if they misbehaved. Collier wears his because it looks good.

SNEAKERS, by Dustin Dollin for Vans, free.

Dustin Dollin is a professional skateboarder, not a BMX biker. BMX bikes are not allowed in many skate parks because the pegs on the bikes destroy the ridges, or pool coping, on concrete bowls. There are also often fears of BMXers and skaters colliding. Therefore, public funding that goes to building skate parks does not benefit BMX bikers, which only adds to the sport's outsider image.

WATCH, by Nixon, free.

Who needs to tell time when you are having so much fun?