Ashley Black shops almost exclusively at thrift stores and tattoo parlors, so a lot of her style comes without labels or price tags. She estimates spending about $20 total on this ensemble. "I'm hungry, but I look good," she says. "Want to pay my rent?"

BOOTS, brand and price unknown, from Value Village (1525 11th Ave, 322-7789).

"The boots are thrift and are made from children," says Black. "Chic!"

JEANS, brand, price, and place of purchase unknown.

"The pants took a while to find, as thrifting for bottoms is difficult. They are very comfortable, especially at the disco."

JEWELRY, brand, price, and place of purchase unknown.

"The incredible earrings are a gift from my dear friend Taylor Fimbrez. Thrift as well. Solid gold! The necklace is also thrift—what can I say?"

CHEST TATTOO, price unknown, from Good Times (511 W 200 St, Salt Lake City, Utah, 801-485-4777).

"I was on drugs. It's a phoenix and a sacred heart with penis detail. I got it done by a friend at Good Times in Utah. It's all right."

SHIRT, brand and price unknown, from a Deseret Industries thrift shop in Salt Lake City.

"I got the shirt in Salt Lake City, Utah," says Ashley. "I used to live there."

Salt Lake City was founded in 1847 by Mormon pioneers and their prophet, Brigham Young. Upon arriving in the Salt Lake Valley, Young declared, "This is the right place." (One and a half centuries later, popular Mormon-affiliated band Arcade Fire would cover the Talking Heads song "This Must Be the Place." Coincidence?) The Mormons declared a new state encompassing what would later become Utah, Nevada, and parts of California, which they called Deseret. In 1857, President James Buchanan declared the area to be in a state of rebellion. In 1890, the Mormon Church issued a manifesto officially renouncing polygamy, and Utah became a legally monogamous state of the Union in 1896. In 1938, the Mormon Church founded the nonprofit Deseret Industries as part of their welfare services. Deseret Industries stores sell donated clothing as well as new furniture manufactured in Salt Lake City. Their welfare efforts include providing jobs for the "physically, socially, and emotionally challenged" and the otherwise unemployable dregs of humanity, who will all get their own planet when they die.