This sunny-faced fashionista may not be gracing the streets of Seattle much longer. She's looking to relocate to San Francisco, a fine city for birds.

HOT CORAL COAT by Hooch, $154 from Sway & Cake (1631 Sixth Ave, 624-2699).

It is debatable whether "hooch" as in "hoochie mama" is entirely negative. Sure, it means slutty, but slutty in the way that you're jealous of her. Its other meanings are many: liquor, the Chattahoochee River of Georgia, Dutch baroque painter Pieter de Hooch, a small shelter common in Vietnam, or Beasley the dog (the costar in the movie Turner and Hooch).

ABRA TOTE by SHIH, $473 from Sway & Cake.

Inside her leather carryall Klingman carries a BagMate, an organizer made of nylon that has retractable handles so that you can pick it up and move it from bag to bag. It is a bag inside a bag. BagMate retails online for $29.95.

EMPIRE-WAIST TUBE TOP by Rachel Pally, $150 from Sway & Cake.

The pattern is black tulips. The flower doesn't exist in nature—the natural world has virtually no true black flowers—but black tulips are a romantic fascination. In Alexandre Dumas's 1850 novel, The Black Tulip, the Dutch city of Haarlem has set a prize of 100,000 florins to the person who can grow a black tulip. The hero, Cornelius van Baerle, has almost succeeded when an evil neighbor steals his flower; then van Baerle is jailed and sentenced to execution. The beautiful daughter of the prison guard comes to his rescue.

JEANS by JBrand, $168 at "a boutique in Portland, I don't remember what it's called."

The population of Lake Oswego, Oregon, is 36,000 souls. Last year the city handed out 6,500 traffic tickets. Seems high.

NECKLACE by Kenneth Jay Lane, $90 at Sway & Cake.

The "C Pendant" necklace hangs down 38 inches, which is roughly the distance from Klingman's neck to her belly button. The preferred method in today's delivery room is for the father to cut the umbilical cord, which is attached to what will one day be the child's belly button, as a way for the father to start feeling useful.