Sarah Everstine describes her look as "down-home but kinda classy Western tomboy." Until recently, she was a buyer at the funky second-hand store Red Light, where she enjoyed an employee discount and the pick of the crop.

BRAIDED LEATHER STRAP WORN AS HEADBAND, free, found at Red Light (4560 University Way NE, 545-4044, also on Capitol Hill at 312 Broadway E, 329-2200).

Everstine tied this piece of leather around the front of her head in homage to her mother, who sports a similar look in photographs from the 1960s.

SHEMAGH SCARF, free from Red Light.

A guy came into the store with 35 of these used shawls, which he called "prayer scarves," to sell. Everstine bought two for the store, this one and a red-and-white one. The rectangular scarf is properly known as a shemagh (or keffiyeh, ghutra, or hatta) and is a traditional Arab headdress worn by males. She took this one home and says the thick cotton makes a nice hood on a drizzly day.

PLAID FLANNEL JACKET, brand unknown, $5 from Urban Outfitters' clearance rack (1513 Fifth Ave, 381-3777, and other locations).

One of the first references to locals wearing flannel is from a British settler in Canada, Catharine Parr Traill, who described a "logging shirt—an overshirt of homespun flannel, coarse brown linen, or canvas" in 1860. In this climate, the flannel shirt was (and is) practical. Incidentally, we can also credit Northwest lumberjacks for adopting the Chinook words muckety-muck (also muckey-muck, a big-shot) and hooch (alcohol) into English.

PANTS by Just USA, price unknown, from Red Light.

These narrow black slacks have bronze zippers at the ankles and are otherwise unremarkable.

COWBOY BOOTS, brand unknown, free from Dad.

Everstine's father acquired these boots 25 years ago in Bismarck, North Dakota. Her father was a painter, and wore these boots with jeans and a tank top. At size 10½, they're too big on his daughter, but she wears them with wool socks. Speaking of large shoes, did you know Seattle is home to the world's only giant-shoe museum? Hidden in the "Down Under" arcade beneath Pike Place Market is a coin-op peep-show display that includes a size-40 shoe worn by "The World's Largest Man," Robert Wadlow, who stood 8' 11".