When asked why he moved to Seattle two years ago from Phoenix, Johnson mentioned the "125-degree summers." He also mentioned our thriving high-tech industry, as Johnson is a software engineer. Johnson sees his look as a meeting point between Wall Street and hiphop.

CAP, $24.99 from the Seahawks Pro Shop (800 Occidental Ave, 682-2900).

The cap is just a cap, nothing more.

VEST by Express Design Studios, $42 from Express (633 Southcenter Mall, 246-4148).

This slick vest plays a vital role in expressing the philosophy of Johnson's style. "It definitely plays up your outfit," Johnson said. "It makes you look sharp, when you take one formal piece and match it up with casual."

Vests also star in a new movie by the British director Ken Loach, The Wind That Shakes the Barley. Set in rural Ireland in the 1920s, all of the Irish men in the movie wear vests. A minor character wears a vest while milking a cow. The main character, played by Cillian Murphy (who has the dreamiest eyes), makes love to a woman while wearing a vest. Members of the Irish Republican Army attack and kill British troops while wearing vests. The British, their bloody oppressors, have no taste and so don't wear vests. An Irish man named Dan dies from a bullet that pierces his vest. "No Dan, no, don't go. Dan! Dan! Please, God, don't let Dan go." Dan goes, but he leaves this world of suffering and pain in style.

TIE by Donald Trump, $19 from Ross Dress for Less (1418 Third Ave, 623-6781).

"It has class," explained Johnson about his stripped black-and-white tie, which is branded by a celebrity whose very name captures the spirit and style of American wealth: Donald Trump.

JEANS by Levi Strauss, $24 from Target (302 NE Northgate Way, 494-0897).

The jeans bring the outfit down to earth. "If you try too hard you won't get the right feel," he explained.

SNEAKERS by Adidas, $34.99 from Famous Footwear (17401 Southcenter Pkwy, 575-2275).

The sneakers are just sneakers, nothing more than that.