Cathy Le, 30

Is that your bike, Cathy? "No, it's not mine; it was parked there and I decided to pose on it." I was going to ask how you rode with a clutch in your hand. "I'd carry it clenched between my teeth." Where'd you get the Hobo clutch? "Burnt Sugar (601 N 35th St, 545-0699), last summer—it was $120." Do you prefer strapless bags? "A clutch works better when you're going out dancing. It's a nice, feminine accessory. It's not a wallet pushed into the back pocket, which is what I used to do."

Nayo Sawada, 21 & Kayo Sawada, 24

Nayo, your clothes are from lots of different places. Nayo: "Yes. I'm from Japan and I still have a bunch of friends there and they send me my clothes. The bag and coat and pants and shoes are all from Japan. Only the shirt is from America." Kayo, is your Luis Vuitton bag from Japan, too? "I saw it in Japan first, but I bought it in Paris. Most of my clothes are from Japan. The shorts are from Japan. The shirt is Michael Kors; I got it in Japan, but you can find it on Rodeo Drive, too."

Cleopatra Bertelsen, 31

Cleopatra, that bag is crazy! "I got it from a local designer called Best Girl Wins. It's a kind of fleur-de-lis. She does special order bags, and you can find her stuff at Olivine (5344 Ballard Ave NW, 706-4188) and other boutiques." Do things get lost in there? "No, it's really nicely lined with canvas on the inside and there are a couple of pockets. It's really clever. This bag was specially made for me. It cost $270." Do you have a fashion philosophy? "I have a kind of '70s/late-'60s working-class obsession."

Micaila Hopkins, 19

Are you a literal person, Micaila? "No, but I am a photographer. I picked up this bag at a place called Fuego (Northgate Mall, 401 NE Northgate Way, 364-0306)." You design your own clothes, too? "I make skirts and shirts in the Gothic Lolita style. I used to dress like that, too, but it's a lot to wear, all those petticoats and stuff." Do you sell your designs anywhere? "I'm looking to sell my clothes at Metro (231 Broadway, 726-7978) pretty soon. I go by the label Lace Dressing."

Vivienne Ninners, 39

Vivienne, you seem embarrassed by your Coach bag. "It's all very boring. It came from Nordstrom (500 Pine St, 628-2111, and other locations) a few years ago. I got it because it was big and wide at the bottom and I could carry diapers in it." Well, what about the trench coat? "It's from Derek Andrew (901 104th Ave NE, Bellevue, 425-453-9888)—it's a Twill 22." You're obviously a stylish lady. "I hate it when people look like a bunch of cookie cutters, in matching baseball hats and matching sweat suits. Well, I have a matching sweat suit, but only the one."

Bree, 31

That’s a Coach bag, isn’t it, Bree? “It’s vintage Coach. It was in the family.” From your mother? “Let’s just say it was in the family and leave it at that. The dress and boots are from Sugartown (2421 NW Market St, 789-1400). The girls are really rad there.” What about the headscarf? “People wonder what religion I am. Other people wonder what kind of fucking Bianca Jagger trip I’m on.” So what kind of fucking Bianca Jagger trip are you on? “I’m on the kind of trip where she does it with Dee Dee Ramone.”