Rashad Husini, 28

To the casual observer, it might appear that Batman and Robin (circa Adam West) are beating the shit out of Bugs Bunny and Friends on Rashad Husini's violently colorful hoodie. The only clear winner is Husini, who bought the hoodie for $125 two weeks ago from Goods (1112 Pike St, 622-0459). "Hoodies are more stylish and diverse than coats," says Husini. "And they're less bulky, but they keep you warm." Plus, his new hoodie is a great conversation piece.

Carlos, 31

Carlos purchased his trendy striped hoodie at "a random skate shop" last October, "maybe in Brooklyn?" At less than $100, he considers it a solid investment for someone who was wearing hoodies "right out of the womb." Its fitted hooligan/bank-robber/prison-dude vibe has become a part of Carlos's daily uniform. Carlos denies ever being a real hooligan. "I used to have a sleek flat-top haircut," says Carlos, who also denies any relationship with Carlos the Jackal, the infamous mercenary and leader of the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine, now serving life-in-stripes since his 1997 arrest.

Jason Gertsen, 26

Jason Gertsen received his black hoodie two years ago as a birthday gift from his mother, who purchased it from Urban Outfitters (1513 Fifth Ave, 381-3777, and other locations). It is Gertsen's favorite hoodie. "This hoodie doesn't have that Little Red Riding Hood point on top," Gertsen explains. "My mom has good taste." He adds that his mother is "into glitter." Glitter has been a fashion staple since WWII when it was invented by a Mr. Ruschman in Bernardsville, New Jersey, according to Wikipedia. Ruschman's company, Meadowbrook Glitter, has been the world's leading glitter supplier for more than 50 years. Wikipedia doesn't give a fuck who invented the hoodie.

DJ N8, 32

The stylish DJ received his speaker-box-patterned hoodie as a gift from friend and Circa representative DJ Atlee (www.c1rca.com). DJ N8 has a long history of gifted hoodies, beginning with his first hoodie featuring the Alabama Crimson Tide and its large, angry elephant mascot. It was given to him by his grandma, who lives in Dothan, Alabama. "She thinks I'm a saint," says N8, who uses his hoodies for spinning and street boozing—two hobbies that are frowned upon in Dothan, a town named after the Bible verse Genesis 37:17: "For I heard them say, let us go to Dothan."

Ian Robison, 28

Fashion comes with its dukes up and dick in a knot if you're Ian Robison, who bought his black-and-white hoodie—decorated with brass knuckles, stars, skulls, guns, and fists—for $36 at Hot Topic (401 Broadway E, 709-4194). "I've never worn it to a fight," says Robison, "but I feel tougher in it." Like that time in sixth grade, Robison says, when he bought his first Squire Shop hoodie—black, with a gray "Squire" scripted on it—and joined a gang. "We couldn't decide whether to call ourselves the G.I. Joes or the Robots," Robison remembers, "because we really liked both."

Thomas Long, 26

Thomas Long thinks of himself "as a fashion dude," he explains while wearing his Crew brand hoodie purchased one month ago for $68 at I & I Boardsports in Lacey, Washington. Long's fashion sense is sharp and his aesthetic is colorful, which is what attracted him to the blue, pink, and yellow hoodie. It features tiny prancing decals such as TKs (for skater Terry Kennedy), and skulls and crossbones. "The hoodie matched my shoes and belt," Long says of his bright-yellow Ice Cream/Rebox sneakers ($75 at Finish Line, Northgate Mall, 401 NE Northgate Way, 367-1456) and Crew belt ($28 at Zumiez, Northgate Mall, 364-8989).