The last few issues of Seattle Necropolitan have included our very popular 271 Best Dental Hygienists, our 363 Best Elementary Schools, and our 489 Best Ways to Eat Dinner, but for Halloween the editorial staff really had to put on our thinking caps!

We wanted a spooky feature that would speak to everyone. Then our senior editor spoke up and said, "Hey guys, it just occurred to me—everyone dies!" And the more we thought about it, the more we thought, He's right! And with that, the idea for the issue you're now reading was born. Among all the deaths in the Northwest (and beyond) in the last year or so, which ones were the best? Read on! And if you don't see your favorite death on this list, well, we're right there with you! That was our 50th choice.

Patti "Patricia" Crumbsitter, Editor