This stylish young lady thinks she's a warrior. "I've been doing it for about a year and a half," says Sev, 21, about her daily application of striped face paint. "It's a permanent thing. I like warriors. I feel like I want to be a warrior. I'm strong, and I want people to know that." That's not the only creativity she's flaunting—the colorfully embroidered headband ($8, Red Light, 312 Broadway E, 329-2200) was a belt before she got her crafty hands on it. "I just tied it together in the back, and those feathers are tied to a little roach clip I got at Red Light, too." And the little pewter handsaw necklace? That used to be a keychain. "I found the keychain at QFC and put it on a ball chain. I wear it every day. It doesn't come off. My dad's a construction worker. And I know how to build houses. I've built a lot of houses."

Sev and her family are originally from Hawaii, where she bought these jeans at a Ross ($14) on Maui when she was 12 years old. "They're the first pair of skinny jeans I made with my mom's sewing machine. Those are real holes from wear and tear, too. They're really comfortable." The B-52s shirt is from Red Light ($36), the mustard-yellow sweater is from the little boy's section of Value Village (1525 11th Ave, 322-7789, price unknown), and the patch sewn into the sweater is from a girl Sev met on the internet when she was 17. "She was kind of a stalker. She sent me all this stuff in the mail. That was one of the things she sent."

Maui is the second largest island of the Hawaiian Islands. Someday it will no longer exist. The city of Kahului specifically is sinking at a rate of 0.8 millimeters per year. Paired with the global rate of sea-level rise, the result is "a submergence rate of 2.2 millimeters per year." According to an article posted on, "As much as 25 percent of sandy beach land on Oahu and Maui has been lost in the past 50 years" and "beach loss is continuing in many places across the state at a rate of between 6 inches and 12 inches a year."