And so, to bed. Matt, 23, is all decked out in sleepwear (American Apparel tank top, $16, 200 Broadway E, 709-8100,; Calvin Klein trunks, $22, and ready to be whisked off to dreamland. Are the pictures of a certain famous rebel without a cause on his wall there to inspire him to dream of James Dean? "He's sexy," Matt explains, adding that Dean's fatal car accident took place "half an hour from my grandparents' home" in Hanford, California.

The dreamy Dean's death was more like a nightmare—full of portents and terror: Though he was apparently driving within the posted 55-mile-an-hour speed limit, Dean collided with another car immediately after saying his last words: "That guy's gotta stop... He'll see us." His passenger, a mechanic, lived.

Tired of putting on full-on pajamas when it's time for bed? So were Angie and Amanda. Amanda, 25, decided to just grin and bare it with red boys' briefs from American Apparel in Brooklyn ($12,, because when in New York it's always good to stock up. Angie, 24, said her mom got her these black Jockey sport stretch pants from Macy's ($30, 1601 Third Ave, 506-6000, to encourage her to take up running, but they're so much comfier to sleep in. She's holding a pillow her mom also got her (here's to loving parents) of a gray and white raccoon that matches her comforter. Her cat, Buttmunch, does not think highly of the pillow. "I think it freaks her out," Angie speculates.

Procyon lotor, or the common raccoon, is quite the pest in Seattle. They knock over garbage cans, defecate in swimming pools, and raise their young in residents' attics. They also carry rabies, which can be passed to humans. In 2006, a group of psychotic raccoons in Olympia went on a killing spree, claiming the lives of 10 cats, attacking a small dog, and biting one pet owner—12 casualties in all. "It's a new breed. They're urban raccoons, and they're not afraid," resident Tamara Keeton told CBS News.

We had a suspicion Susanna, 30, might have a big closet full of beautiful lingerie, seeing as how she's a member of Seattle's Atomic Bombshells. Susanna is lounging in a giant oyster shell (custom-made by Jim Guerci, The Art Department, that's balanced precariously on her bed. "Do you always sleep in an oyster shell?" our photographer asks. "No, just seasonally," she replies. Her silk gown (custom-made by Mark Mitchell, price undisclosed) is a tribute to Evangeline the Oyster Girl. Her hair is a wig ($175, Fifi Mahony's in New Orleans, www with a pearl-and-rhinestone headpiece stuck into it ($15, Lucky Vintage, 4742 University Way NE, 523-6621). Also in the shell is Susanna's boyfriend, Lars, 33. The giant pearl in his lap is a kid's toy from Target ($8.50, 2800 SW Barton St, 932-1153, .com). He bought his socks (10 euros, H&M, in Stockholm, Sweden, where he was on tour with his band, the Intelligence.

The phrase "Stockholm syndrome" was coined by a Swedish criminologist in 1973 after employees of the Norrmalmstorg Kreditbanken were held hostage by armed robbers for six days. The hostages developed unexpected feelings of loyalty to their captors and later reported they were more frightened of the police than the robbers. The Norrmalmstorg Kreditbanken was eventually razed and replaced with Acne Jeans, which designs fashionable Swedish jeans.