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The Lay of the Land, Some Pointers on Food Options, Tips for Dumpster Diving, Where to Get an Abortion, Etc.


Let's not forget that Discovery Park is disturbingly close to an Army base. It's a small base, but don't toke up next to federal property, mmkay?
Let's not forget that if you're a basketball fan, there's the good old fashioned Franklin vs. Garfield rivalry in the south end.
There are 5 Dick's locations, not 3.

Olympia is more than an hour south of Seattle.

My kid sister could write a better guide than this.
Don't forget for sports - we also have the Roller Derby league Rat City Roller Girls, who just finished their Season 4 games and whose travel team is about to go on to Nationals. We are DAMN GOOD, winning second place in the Nationwide competitions last year. GO RAT CITY!
Someone needs to mention Bop Street records in Ballard, which has a basement full of all vinyl. and while you're there take a look at the signatures on the wall, which has been signed by many bands, one of which is Radiohead. It's on Ballard Ave, check it out.
6 bridges over the canal, you douchebags!

1. montlake
2. university
3. i5
4. fremont
5. 99
6. ballard
7. if you count the train bridge in ballard.

but that's ok, easy to forget one. over all, that's the best write up of the town that ive ever read.

-a fucking local
@4 - Olympia is an hour away. Approximately 70 miles, and only your grandmother would take more than an hour... unless you try from 2pm to 6pm weekdays - in which case it's three hours away and a small piece of your sanity.

And there's a shitload of dick in Seattle. That's the point.
Every Seattle resident has only 2 legislators? Really? I have three, but maybe I'm just, well...uh... informed. One senator and two representatives equals three legislators.

Thank you Slog for telling the world how smart our generation really is.
hey, fuck you, the Sounders FC already have more season ticket holders than most teams have in total attendance. the Seattle Sounders have been around since the 70s and the city loves them. you're a bunch of pricks.
that said, I do love the Stranger. good times.
I've lived in Seattle (WS neighborhood) all my life and

1) West Seattle is full of wonderful things, like Zatz Bagels (The best bagels in the city, and yeah, I've been to Noah's.) Lincoln Park, a large park with trails that's also great to get stoned in. Cute little shops and yummy places to eat in the Junction, including a really large pub, and Easy Street Cafe, which is attached to the record store and makes a great breakfast for 3 - 8 bucks.

And 2) I now going to Washington State University, which is five minutes from Moscow, Idaho, and I would not say it's all Republican country. I've seen more Obama buttons than I did in Seattle, and only one McCain poster, which I drunkenly tore down.
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What's your fucking problem with West Seattle? That's why so many people think of your paper as a parochial Capitol Hill hipster rag.
Capitol Hill may be the densest neighborhood in the city but it is by far not the most diverse. It is mostly filled with white, yuppie kids bent on some cheap trend. The bars would be good if they weren't trendy, cold and overpriced. Whenever i visit Seattle I always try to avoid Capitol Hill. It's where the kiddies go to be hip.

Funny enough, it is by far not the hippest section of town anyhow.

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