Pullout Jun 25, 2009 at 4:00 am

(And/Or Tying My Girlfriend Up)


Agh. This article is darn hot, is what. Why is it still Thursday morning? This site should have a built-in hyperlink to the weekend - it's just not fair.
Great article! Having paticipated in bondage a few times, just reading this started to get me hard. Thanks for a nice break from another boring day at work.
Umm, in a word...THAT'S HOT!!!
This article is pretty good, it's written very beautifully - but as a queer identified female I think it's a bit of sexual information overload. In other words, it's giving part of the queer sex mystery away. I want to know what set of straight guys are jerking off to it and what percentage of queer girls actually find it interesting...probably the former. I'm not going to deny it, it's an excellent, excellent piece of work that should be remained proud of - but it seems to be written more to just impress the audience rather than an honest to god true piece of work.
@4: It's completely honest. I wrote this trying to remain true to what my sex life is really about, having fun and loving. I'm a dark-witted queer femme who was raised to be a shining hostess, so that how I invited my guests into my bedroom. I'm not going to be afraid of what other queer girls think or worry about how many straight guys got off on this. I know my politics, this just wasn't where I wanted to debate them.

Thank you for your compliment on my writing and for taking the time to think about it honestly and sharing that.

madeline, i always secretly longed to get that warm hostess invite into your bedroom back in merrill... i remember supervising an 'enlightening' experience that the bedroom occupants of that time were partaking in, and from the corner of the two beds pushed together, i let the 'enlightening' overwhelm me, and all i could think about was how beautiful and perfectly feminine you seemed (all the while, still not prissy, still totally badass), and i was almost embarrassed to be in the same room, almost intimidated just to look at you... so ridiculous! everything about you was an artist, a million artists - so it's no surprise that years later, you end up here, writing personal and honest pieces for my undercover lover, the stranger. i'm sorry i came down with such a severe case of bitchassness and stopped being as good of a friend as you were to me. i'm sure it wasn't a big loss, but you deserved better.
but it seems like your life has fallen into a fantastic place, and we're lucky to have you here in seattle.
@ 7 I just randomly came back here to find this commen, but it makes sense now since Merrill has been in my dreams lately. How do I find you? I feel terrible for not being able to know exactly with all the clues. But I have a very good guess. Facebook?

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