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On a Half Century of Unparalleled American Genius and Freakery

Jason Huntley


Respect,and R.I.P to MJ YO!!!!MAN,he will be missed by fans worldwide!!!true, he had a FUCKED UP LIFE,but still,he was a great person in life!!!and yes,his actions were FREAKY,but still we took it in stride,and treated him like a human being{unlike some of THE PRESS}!!!
Burn in hell freak.
MJ may have been the king of pop, but Sam Cooke invented Soul. Let's take a moment to remember the roots.
That mosaic looks like it used MJJ's mug shot from 2003...
his mugshot in cereal that is!
They should have done the mosaic all in Froot Loops...
I think it's quite likely that Michael Jackson was completely innocent of the pedophilia charges, as the jury found. My theory is that all the female hormones he took for his voice made him impotent (his children are reportedly not biologically his). He was therefore sexless and somewhat androgynous. He was also conscious of his appearance (from runaway plastic surgery and skin treatments), and felt comfortable around children, who would not judge him for the freak that he had become.

His primary accuser was recorded gushing about the "score" he was going to get from Jackson.

So I wish you had omitted your comment re "possibly criminal". It was most likely un-earned; and in any case, he paid for any impropriety many times over.

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