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Growing Up with Michael Jackson (Who Never Grew Up)


In the land of the MC5, Iggy & the Stooges, Bob Seger, Cactus, Grand Funk, the Amboy Dukes Alice Cooper and Creem Magazine a doofus like you thinks listening to the Jackson 5 and Motown was 'good fortune'?

I'm sure you think Domino's is the height of Italian cuisine.
Yeah, yeah, I heard all that other stuff, tooโ€”and I wrote for Creem, as well. This piece was part of special feature about Michael Jackson. Why is that concept so hard to grasp for you?
I love this piece. Thanks for capturing that time so well. "Don't Stop" will always be mine as well.
@2, have you considered that #1 is yanking your chain.
At 3am, that thought didn't cross my mind. You may be right.
Beautiful essay. The Internets are awash with MJ tributes; reading about a sweaty, pubescent Dave Segal getting his freak on to "Don't Stop" is the standout for me so far.

Is anyone else dying to know what beats out "The Girl is Mine" for the worst song of all time?
Fantastic closing sentence Dave. Tight piece. Thanks
To be fair, the dangerous person referenced in "Dangerous" isn't him, it's a girl. And I don't take "Smooth Criminal" to be about him either.

"Bad", however, is undeniably ridiculous. The background vocals, the "really, really bad!" make me LOL. No, really, I really am bad! Heeeeee-hee!

And yeah, "Don't Stop. . . " is teh sex. Definite contender for greatest dance record of all time.
To doofusbrigade... In the sixties/seventies Detroit the music of Stooges, MC5, Cactus(!)didn't hit a child's ears. Plus I would put "ABC" on a similar power/dumbdumb grace level as "1969."
if "The Girl Is Mine" is the second worst song ever, what is the first? did I miss something?
"Ebony & Ivory." I love me some Macca, but dude contributed to 2 of the shittiest songs ever.
impressive piece!
#8...You almost made me spray my breakfast beer out of my nose! That was great!

I really liked this piece, I have always been conflicted about my love for Mikey, but I don't know what's better; the article or the banter in the comments!

I fucking LOVE it!
I liked the article for the most part, but I do think Mr. Segal is guilty of listening with prejudiced ears to latter day Michael Jackson. As Robert Christgau said about Invincible, Jackson's personal may have crumbled, but his musical talents never left him. He became funkier, harder and more melodically complex from Dangerous on, and it's sad that most people don't give his later albums a fair shake. There are some real treasures to be found.
I liked this piece-- it was respectful and well-written-- but I'd like to put forth another point of view. I was born in 1983, and I LOVED the stuff Michael's done in the '90s (and even his Invincible album).

He's a genius songwriter. Even his new stuff--if you listen to You Are Not Alone or Childhood, the melodies are so heartbreakingly beautiful, and the chords underneath so unexpected but predictable -- perfect for pop music.

I loved Dangerous, Remember the Time, Jam, even "Rock With You" and "Butterflies", which I think are some of his greatest songs, written after 2000. He still had it. I just wish he wouldn't have gotten his hands on all those drugs and someone could help him.
P.S. After the fireworks show on the 4th, the band played "Smooth Criminal" and "Bad", and people got up off their butts and finally danced. Everybody likes to move to these songs, so they must be great to some...
This is by far the best piece I've yet read in the aftermath of the demise of MJ......

Thank you.

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