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Posthumous Ruminations of One Pissed Angel


Who wrote this? I'm guessing Lindy by the LIBERAL use of CAPS. Thought you had more class than this.
I'm French, and this looks smart, class and funny to us.
Whoever wrote this is my favorite!
Whoever wrote this is my favorite!
Oh god, you KNOW it's true!
There's no evidence Farrah was some kind of megalomaniac obsessed with fame or anything. If you're not a fan of hers, cool, either was I. But disrespecting somebody who just died of cancer right after they died is not only distasteful, but kinda just makes YOU look like the one who's the attention seeking whore!
I love insult comics and sarcastic humor as much as the next guy, but everyone needs to have an asshole line they don't cross. You probably think you're just sooo punk rock, huh? Humorless twit...
Grow up, get some class and stop picking the corpses of people you don't know like a journalistic vulture! Asshole...
@ 6, get a sense of humor will ya? This does NOT cross the asshole line. Only some uptight asshole thinks it does.
It's the Stranger, folks.
If you're not being a total douche to someone, it's NOT FUNNY.
If you're going to be a total douche and make fun of an old lady painfully dying of anal cancer, it better be witty and funny at least, that's all I'm saying.

It reads like something you'd find crumpled up in a wastepaper basket in the offices of TMZ.

You know, Farrah, black men beat white women to the vote, to Congress, to the presidency. Get used to it -- eternity is hell.
I was just thinking this, as much as I love Mikey, couldn't he have waited a week (shit, a day) to overdose??? Taking away all your lime light, I didn't even know you died until the next day! I LOVE YOU FERRAH!

And #10, Would he reeeeally be considered a black male? Come on now!
I couldn't care less about Farrah's death--sorry; it's sad but people die all the time from cancer, and her work means nothing to me.

But I get that her family must be cursing to themselves the coincidence of MJ's death, so I get where this article was trying to go.. until I read the part about Michael raping kids. HOW COULD YOU WRITE THAT!? I'm sorry, but he DIDN'T. Did you watch the trial on TV with that little lying brat and the money-hungry mother? They were money-sucking dirtbags.
Sure, Michael was a little strange and wished he was still a child (or wanted to make all children happy, because he wasn't, or something...) but I resent you saying he did something wrong as fact. ACQUITTED!!!!!
I find it ridiculous that every media outlet has something interesting and new to say about Michael or his death, and I come to the Stranger online and all of its articles just pisses me off. And THIS is supposed to be the best Seattle has to offer!? Guess not.

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