Pullout Jun 25, 2009 at 4:00 am

Dead at the Age of Aquarius


I thought you were dead of AIDS. I guess not, which is really too bad. You are not deserving of life, you worthless piece of shit.
I love you, Adrian!
Kate Jackson was not a blonde.
Wow, AIDS death wishes in 2009? Someone's a grumpy homophobe.

Seattle has grown a bit tired of Ardrian and his confused child-man thing. It was funny 15 years ago - not much now.

And Death is really not to be mocked ... unless that is all you have in your pen ... and as we see ... that is all.

Get a job Adrian, give up the drugs at your age. Mid life is a time to try a new direction, a new perspective. And old wounds can be left behind.

Your writing skills have become trite and stagnated.

Signed, On the Hill Boy
"And Death is really not to be mocked ... "? That's very funny.
Best headline ever. Funny article too ... The DJ kids would call this a "mashup". Don't listen to the haters, Adrian!

Take a moment and reflect upon what it is that hurts you the most...

You're bad. We know it! But so funny...

And Fnarf, just a friendly reminder that you could probably use another cup of coffee about now.
Wow MJ fans sure are militant. The article is funny. Adrian is awesome. Chill out.
Eh, not really an MJ fan, but this is just a waste of pixels/print. Cokehead ramblings don't do anyone much good...hopefully they're confined to blogs.
these last three segments are in such awful taste. at least this one is kooky enough to be amusing, I guess.
Seriously, everyone's saying relax and have a sense of humor about this bullshit drivel that isn't even funny or well written!

Stranger, where are you finding your talent these days? The welfare office?
funny, irreverent, a bit cringe inducing - all the reasons why i read stranger...
Right now I'm a wee bit curious to see what Adrian would look like at age 62.
Would Adrian Ryan O'Neal Majors be dying of cancer, constantly throwing up and losing all those (sighhhh!) youthfully exuberant looks (GASP!!!) that contributed to millions in hair care products, toothpaste, and had people worldwide drooling over a swimsuit poster?

I guess the Stranger IS suddenly getting desperate for writers.

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