Two quick notes: Clear Cut Press published the first of its nine books, The Clear Cut Future, in 2003, and the ninth, The Back Room: an anthology, in 2007. And Publication Studio ( ) will happily print, bind, and sell Stacey Levine's newest book to anyone or any store that wants it. I believe University Bookstore and Pilot Books will be carrying it in Seattle when we deliver copies this Friday.
Thank you for this insightful piece about Stacey Levine's work. Mr. Constant those of us in the book world are very happy to have you around.
Emily White
Thanks for bringing Levine to light, I never would have heard about her otherwise. Her work sounds like a curious jigsaw that you take pieces out of until the very end, when the table is clean and the puzzle is in the box, apart and whole.
Beautifully written, Paul. Thank you.

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