We Africans regret that Joe Mallahan is not the mayor of Seattle. We thought our endorsement made it impossible for him to lose. You see, when you are endorsed by firefighters or police officers, that is all you get—an endorsement of firefighters or of police officers. But if you get the support of Africans, as Mallahan did and mentioned on television, it counts not only us who are here in the world but also our ancestors. Now, how can you fail to be the mayor if the ancestors are endorsing you? How? Something is very wrong with Seattle. And this McGinn character? We do not trust him even for a minute. Everyone knows he carries frogs in his briefcase. Those frogs, which he forces young women in Marysville to breast-feed, are the secret of his power. You think we are joking? Go to Marysville; the young women will tell you about that terrible briefcase and their sore breasts. Seattle, keep your eyes on this man at all times. He is not like Mallahan, a man who never stops thinking of honest and good things. And just because he is not the mayor does not mean our endorsement is dead. It is alive like a water buffalo in the sun. And when the proud day comes that we are allowed to vote, we all will vote for him. recommended