yet another poor attempt at humor from white people.
You must regret publishing this immediately.

Don't give writing assignments to your Drunk of the Week
Having lived in (and gone to school in) Marysville, I can state that the reason the breasts of Marysville women are sore is because they like to have babies (a lot of Mormons in Marysville), and the sex ed is taught by Dr. Robert Holland (a right-wing nutjob) and Pregnancy Resource Center (a right-wing nutjob haven). It has nothing to do with frogs.
And I meant Mark Holland. All this liberal Seattle hootie patootie is warping my brain.
"yet another poor attempt at humor from white people."
I like how you said that like you were "above" the whole "white person" thing. Guess what? Another group of people were "above" another group of people, and those first people were called NAZIS!
This is in reference to a quote from Mallahan, in which he said "African's love me!" There was much light of this made in late October and into November.

Such as this:…

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