In our election endorsements in the October 15 issue of The Stranger, we ran the wrong date for the general election. We regret the error.

Also in the October 15 issue of The Stranger, on our election endorsements cheat sheet, we misspelled city attorney candidate Pete Holmes's name, even though we endorsed him. We regret the error.

In the March 12 issue, film editor Lindy West wrote that a movie called The Betrayal, about an Algerian lieutenant who "stumbles across evidence of a confidant's misdeeds," was playing at the Grand Illusion. In actuality, the Grand Illusion was playing a different movie, also called, unhelpfully, The Betrayal, which is about Laos and sadness. Laos and Algeria are, of course, on different continents. The Stranger regrets Ms. West's inability to read a press release.

The color yellow regrets the jacket that Susan Hutchison wore in her first debate with Dow Constantine. So do school buses, traffic signs, and Big Bird.

In the February 26 issue of The Stranger, in the Books section, a cover image for the Neil Diamond book He Is... I Say appeared, even though the review of the book did not. We regret how confusing and random that must have seemed.

The Stranger regrets not writing more about the bands Throw Me the Statue, Mad Rad, or Truckasauras in the last year. We'll try to give them some coverage in 2010.

In the January 15 issue of The Stranger, arts editor Brendan Kiley predicted that the Bollywood movie Chandni Chowk to China was "the Bollywood musical comedy/melodrama that will finally crack the international mainstream market." We regret the error, and have asked Mr. Kiley to stop predicting things.

Christopher Frizzelle, editor of The Stranger, does not regret the time a certain Stranger freelancer who'd had a lot to drink urinated out of Mr. Frizzelle's sixth-floor apartment window onto the street below. Twice.

Kelly O, staff photographer at The Stranger, regrets going all the way to White River Amphitheater to photograph Mötley Crüe. She also regrets going to KeyArena to photograph Lil Wayne. Ms. O would like to go to Live Nation HQ and personally tell them that their policy of having professional photographers stand at the soundboard, in the 27th row, shooting live bands with no flash, while fans in the first row get to shoot all they want with their little point-and-shoots WITH flash is fucking stupid ass-backward and does nothing for the press, the promoter, or the bands.

In the August 27 issue of The Stranger, music editor Eric Grandy claimed the band the Abodox had "no web presence whatsoever." He later realized he had been misspelling it. We regret the error.

All those who care about the English language regret the recent bandying about of the term "speakeasy." If your goddamn bar has a liquor license, it is not a fucking speakeasy.

Dominic Holden, news editor at The Stranger, regrets speculating in a November Slog post on which members of Tom Carr's staff the incoming city attorney, Pete Holmes, would fire. Holden acknowledges that it's much more satisfying to wait for official word of East Precinct liaison Tienney Milnor's termination when it occurs.

Stranger copy chief Gillian Anderson regrets the rogue semicolon she inserted in the Septem- ber 24 Savage Love column, though not as much as Dan Savage does.

Jesse Vernon, The Stranger's copy editor, regrets mistaking the band the Rapture for the mystical experience, then lowercasing the word and ruining Dave Segal's witticism.

In the January 29 issue of The Stranger, in an article entitled "Neither Cat Poo nor Sugar Goo" (regrettable), Megan Seling wrote: "Frango chocolates, for instance, in their variety of flavors, have been a Northwest tradition since 1918 (it even says so right on the famous six-sided box). They were originally created by and for the department store Frederick & Nelson, which has since evolved into the Bon Marché, which then became the Bon-Macy's, and is now simply Macy's." Frederick & Nelson did not become the Bon; it was the Bon's competitor and it went out of business. We regret the error.

Cupcakes regret not being full-size cakes.

Dan Savage, editorial director of The Stranger, regrets creating The Stranger's group blog, Slog, which has done more to destroy the quality of life for The Stranger's editorial staff than marijuana grow-op busts, Tom Carr's war on nightlife, and the gag reflex combined.

Associate editor Charles Mudede doesn't regret that he read and loved these three new books of philosophy: Prince of Networks by Graham Harman, Without Criteria by Steven Shaviro, and Common Wealth by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri. He does, however, regret that he never reviewed the books. He also regrets that no one cares that he did not review the books.

Stranger associate editor Eli Sanders regrets that, in an attempt to salute the King of Pop on the occasion of his death, he created a situation in which his name will henceforth be linked electronically for all time to the headline "How Michael Jackson Touched Me as a Child."

Jen Graves, visual art editor of The Stranger, regrets writing that artist Eli Hansen does not drink—a "fact" she published in a column on March 12. All wild and hairy young artists drink. She was consumed in other regrets at the time and not thinking straight.

Stranger photographer Kelly O regrets not being able to take her camera into strip clubs in either Washington or Oregon, because that girl at Centerfolds (who stuffed McDonald's french fries into the male stripper's underwear) and the girl at Mary's Club who asked for Ms. O's autograph (because she thought Ms. O was the singer Pink, then tripped and fell face-first into Ms. O's friend's crotch) both would have been stellar Drunks of the Week.

In the July 23 issue of The Stranger, associate editor David Schmader wrote an enthusiastic piece about the band Gossip and their new-at-the-time record Music for Men. Mr. Schmader regrets that subsequent exposure has revealed Music for Men to be rendered almost useless by its lyrics, which sound like someone reading the inventory for a bumper-sticker store.

Eli Sanders, associate editor of The Stranger, regrets how many bad, bad dudes passed through his brain and onto the pages of The Stranger this year: Isaiah Kalebu (accused murderer and rapist), Christopher Monfort (accused cop killer), Maurice Clemmons (accused cop killer x4). Thanks, humanity.

The Stranger's technical staff continues to regret The Stranger's nontechnical staff.

The Stranger's nontechnical staff continues to regret the knack of The Stranger's technical staff for completely erasing the contents of e-mail accounts and/or entire computers.

In the December 3 installment of his column Data Breaker, music writer Dave Segal, while reviewing King Midas Sound's Waiting for You..., mistakenly called one of KMS leader Kevin Martin's previous projects Technical Animal instead of Techno Animal, even though Mr. Segal has been listening to Techno Animal since 1994. We regret the error.

Dominic Holden, in a Slog post on June 11, incorrectly described how a proposed city ordinance would divide housing levy funds among tenants in various county median income brackets. He regrets this, and he further regrets that you just fell asleep reading the words "city ordinance," "housing levy funds," and "county median income brackets."

Christopher Frizzelle, the editor of The Stranger, regrets that one thing Lindy West saw him do in Cal Anderson Park that one time.

Bethany Jean Clement, managing editor of The Stranger, regrets her assertion that the cheese used in a certain dish at new Italian restaurant Cicchetti was fontina. The cheese was, in fact, pecorino. Ms. Clement further regrets taking a public relations person's word regarding this cheese; public relations persons are not to be trusted, in matters of cheese or otherwise. She also regrets that "Cicchetti" never gets easier to spell, no matter how many times you type it. Cicchetti. Cicchetti. Cicchetti.

Aaron Huffman, The Stranger's art director, regrets that there was no space in this issue to credit Jennifer Richard, who shot the cover photo of SuttonBeresCuller's bronze banana entitled In Advance Of.... Sorry about that.

In the March 5 issue of The Stranger, Brendan Kiley gave a glowing preview to NYC group Nature Theater of Oklahoma. They were critical darlings across America and Europe, had played all the best festivals and theaters, and gave good interview. Mr. Kiley regrets not considering whether NToO's stock was hopelessly overinflated before turning in his story. Because he learned to his horror that weekend that it was.

David Schmader, associate editor of The Stranger, regrets getting all huffy with that SIFF worker who refused him entry to a SIFF screening because he was five minutes late, even though it was pouring down rain and traffic was terrible and do they want people to write about their fucking movies or not?

The Stranger regrets the behavior of certain Stranger employees pretending to be judges at the 2009 Stranger Gong Show. We also regret gin and microphones.

Lindy West regrets not signing up to judge every single goddamn night of the Seattle International Comedy Competition—even the ones at the Poo-Hole Casino in Nowheretown—because she cares about comedy as an art form and feels that the competition tends to favor the regressive and hacky. It is not called the "Rural Western Washington Recycled 20-Year-Old Jokes Competition." Although, you're right, guys. Bitches do nag!

Jen Graves, visual art editor at The Stranger, regrets that no artists seem to know they can get a health-care voucher at Country Doctor Community Clinic, which is why she wrote about it on September 24 and why it is being mentioned again here.

The Stranger regrets every second of screen time devoted to Amy Adams in Julie & Julia.

Longtime Stranger staffer Kelly O regrets not having the balls to actually go on a date with any of the men she encountered while researching her article "How to Get a Sugar Daddy" in the Economic Survival Guide issue. The men who contacted her were creepy, sure, but that's probably because her fake Sugar Baby account stated that she enjoyed "hunting, fishing, snowmobiles, and ping-pong."

Arts editor Brendan Kiley regrets not giving more love to the Degenerate Art Ensemble over the years.

The editorial staff of The Stranger regrets that Stranger copy chief Gillian Anderson seems to believe she is being paid by the hyphen.

The Seattle Times regrets how uninfluential its election endorsements have become.

Tina Podlodowski, a conservative former city council member, regrets not taking The Stranger up on the opportunity to write an op-ed in favor of her political hero, Joe Mallahan. She further regrets that Mallahan lacked the political wherewithal to write anything himself, or ever once articulate a cogent point with or without a script.

Stranger associate editor David Schmader regrets nothing about subjecting himself to the awesome aural clobbering of My Bloody Valentine. Also, WHAT DID YOU SAY?

Bethany Jean Clement, managing editor of The Stranger, regrets never trying the Caramel Cob®—caramel corn molded into the shape of a corncob—that someone left on her desk. Months went by, and no expiration date could be found on the package, and Ms. Clement got scared and threw it away. On a related note, it is regrettable that Caramel Cob®s may only be purchased by the case online, because 18 Caramel Cob®s is doubtless l7 Caramel Cob®s too many.

Eli Sanders regrets the hour or so of his life that he lost watching the terrible local musical Obama on My Mind. And in spite of what commenters said online, he does not regret leaving at intermission.

In the April 2 issue of The Stranger, the third page of Lindy West's feature "The Different Kinds of People That There Are" was slightly cut off on the right side in the print edition, which probably made it hard to read the last few paragraphs. We regret the error.

On June 30, Stranger staffer Paul Constant referred to Michael Mann's film Public Enemies as the "most entertaining" film that Mann has ever made, despite the fact that Mr. Constant has seen Heat, Manhunter, and even Collateral. We regret the error, the mediocre film, and Mr. Constant's boner for Johnny Depp.

In a June 11 review of Cafe Flora, The Stranger identified the bread component of the veggie French dip sandwich as being made by Essential Baking Company. In fact, it came from Columbia City Bakery. This was no one's fault except David Schmader's.

In the August 13 issue of The Stranger, in a review of District 9, we wrote that the aliens are called prawns because of their "mollusk-like" appearance. It should have read their "crustacean-like" appearance. Clams, oysters, squid, octopus, and snails are mollusks. Shrimp, prawns, crabs, and lobsters are crustaceans. One would think that a film editor born and raised in Seattle—as Lindy West was—would know the difference.

Jen Graves, visual art editor of The Stranger, sincerely regrets leaving Robin Oppenheimer off the list of "great minds who have staffed 911 over the years" in her August 13 article about 911 Media Arts Center. This omission is only a reflection on the nongreatness of Graves's mind at the time.

Dan Savage, author of the syndicated sex-advice column Savage Love, does not regret mentioning in a column earlier this year that people seeking his advice could gain an advantage over other advice-seekers by enclosing photographs of their asses. Mr. Savage was joking, but he nevertheless enjoyed the tsunami of ass shots that crashed over his e-mail inbox this year.

Associate editor Eli Sanders regrets how many times he has gone back to the same damn Bellevue pancake house to write the same damn story about Democrats vainly attempting to wrest the 8th damn Congressional District from the hands of damn Republicans. He does not, however, regret that this last time he ordered the Ladies' Plate (one egg, two strips of fat-bubbled bacon, a small portion of hash browns, one slice of toast). That was delicious.

News editor Dominic Holden regrets that in the August 13 issue of The Stranger, he referred to the Seattle Hempfest as a "patchouli-stained ghetto," mostly because when Hempfest organizers read "patchouli-stained ghetto," they lost their fucking minds. In Mr. Holden's defense, Hempfest is totally a patchouli-stained ghetto.

A review of Corin Hewitt's show at Seattle Art Museum in our April 30 issue included the phrase "time is nothing but a machine of perpetual turning." We sincerely apologize.

The Stranger's web department regrets a cat.

Kelly O, The Stranger's staff photographer, regrets going to Madison Park Beach at 1:00 a.m. during the summer 100-degree heat wave to photograph night swimmers. She spent $17 on a cab to get there, only to watch a half-naked drunk guy give her camera a football kick across the beach, breaking her $300 flash and almost making Ms. O cry in public.

For the October 22 issue, arts editor Brendan Kiley wrote an Up & Coming blurb for a show at the Funhouse featuring Sioux City Pete, Stabbings, 100Piece, and Jail Weddings. Mr. Kiley devoted most of the U&C to Pete and Stabbings because he didn't know anything about Jail Weddings at the time, which he regrets. Jail Weddings is a beautiful 10-piece from Los Angeles that plays big, dramatic '60s pop. They are heirs to the Mamas and the Papas—darker, druggier, shadowy heirs, with some Iggy Pop in their DNA. Mr. Kiley regrets not devoting part of the U&C to them and definitely regrets not going to the show.

Jesse Vernon, copy editor at The Stranger, regrets grabbing editorial director Dan Savage's ass at the Stranger Genius Awards. It was a slip of the hand. Really.

Paul Constant, books editor at The Stranger, still regrets telling people to go to the November 12 edition of Literary Death Match, a disastrously awkward reading with a catchy name whose only saving graces were Stranger Genius Stacey Levine and local novelist Maria Semple, who shared a delightful story about why monkeys on TV have to wear diapers—not for poo protection, but rather to disguise their enormous monkey hard-ons.

Monkey hard-ons regret confining diapers. Monkey hard-ons just want to waggle freely in the cool afternoon air.

The Stranger really ought to have run a partial transcript of KIRO 7 News producer Bridget Turrell's slurred Northwest Emmy acceptance speech on the cover of the paper in June 2009. The speech went, in part: "On KIRO 7, if it bleeds, it leads, and we've had a lot of dead bodies over the years. I've been there for 10 years now, and the bodies are stacking up like cordwood, and at the Emmy nominations, you don't see a lot of dead bodies. They seem to like things like turtles. They seem to like things like Montana and Alaska, but I am a Seattle native and I am proud to be one, and I wanna thank the Academy. Wooo!" We regret the omission.

Christopher Frizzelle, the editor of The Stranger, regrets that so few people wear ties.

Dan Savage, host of the Savage Lovecast, regrets loudly chewing his food during a podcast recording session in the spring of 2009. Mr. Savage thought it would be funny, but it was, in point of fact, absolutely disgusting. Mr. Savage regrets not having any common sense. He also regrets giving the Savage Lovecast such a stupid name.

Eli Sanders, a Stranger associate editor who was educated at Columbia University, regrets that he still does not understand style rules about capital letters in headlines, a state of affairs that occasioned several stern e-mails from his superiors over the past year and led to a chart, highlighted in pink and posted above his desk, that tells him DO CAP and DO NOT CAP, which is embarrassing.

The Stranger's web developers regret that anyone still uses Internet Explorer or, worse, Windows Mobile.

Bethany Jean Clement, managing editor of The Stranger, does not regret describing the omelet served to her at Rover's overpriced Sunday brunch as "herniated." Gross but true.

In a Stranger Suggests item for September 30, David Schmader identified the central family of characters in Woody Allen's Crimes and Misdemeanors as WASPs, when they are clearly the Jewiest Jews who ever Jewed. We regret the error.

Certain people regret certain crushes.

In the August 13 issue of The Stranger, we published information about the Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band's show on Mt. St. Helens as being on Tuesday the 18th, when in actuality the show was on Saturday the 15th. Sorry if you missed seeing a live band play on an active volcano.

Underage columnist Megan Seling referred to Exohxo as an eight-piece band in her November 12 column, even though there are only seven members. She further stated their full-length record was self-titled when it's actually called Other Ghosts. We regret the errors.

Jen Graves, visual art editor of The Stranger, regrets all the faceless babies born to women on Accutane.

The editorial staff of The Stranger regrets the time we all cut to the front of the bathroom line at a certain gay bar in order to go in en masse and do drugs. In the new decade, we will strive not to be such a cliché. But those striped walls are AMAZING.

Greg Nickels regrets that, after coming in third in the primary election, he blamed his poor showing on an election with "no feng shui." Uh, sorry, man, but you didn't lose because you didn't hang a red coin over your waterfall or whatever.

Christopher Frizzelle, the editor of The Stranger, regrets that the press box at Sounders games might as well be an underwater aquarium on the moon—you can't hear the announcers, you can't hear the crowd, and the field is 238,855 miles away.

In the May 28 issue of The Stranger, in an article about an alleged brothel raided by Seattle police, we reported that each room contained "a pump bottle of lubricant." Employees later informed us that the pump bottles contained hand sanitizer. We regret the error.

Bethany Jean Clement regrets that Slim's Last Chance Chili Shack is so far south on First Avenue South, it's practically in Oregon. Their chili is really good.

Stranger associate editor Charles Mu-dede regrets that the comments for his July 23 feature "The Time I Accidentally Killed a Horse" were only concerned about the dead horse and not the other animal discussed in the piece, the dead elephant Cindy, who was dumped in a landfill after being cut open and dismembered by scientists. Poor, poor Cindy.

In the April 30 issue of The Stranger, we left the "man" off of Throw Me the Statue singer Scott Reitherman's last name in the sex survey. This was not a pronouncement on his manliness.

In the May 21 issue of The Stranger, A. Birch Steen said, "I honestly do not want to know what Ms. Grandy thinks is being communicated with the phrase 'dirty MP3 trunk-rattle.'" No one knows, because the article in question should have read "dirty MPC trunk-rattle" and was meant to convey a sort of hiphoppiness in Animal Collective's recent productions. This was no one's fault except the copyeditors'.

Music staff writer Dave Segal regrets expressing surprise over dubstep's popularity in some Pioneer Square clubs in a Stranger Suggests blurb in the June 4 issue. Shift's Steve McDonald has been hosting quality dubstep shows for over two years in that neighborhood's venues.

Jesse Vernon, copy editor at The Stranger, regrets failing to immediately discard the plastic saltshaker found inside the microwave in the Stranger offices, and instead placing it next to the microwave, full of its plastic-chemical-infused salt. Hopefully no one has used it.

Stranger associate editor Charles Mudede regrets a mistake he made in the May 7 issue concerning this rap from the track "Something New" by Fresh Espresso: "I'm homeless at the moment/Living off the fat of the land/Jumping from sofa to sofa/I ain't got dirt, I got mold on my shoulders." Mudede thought the rap was by Rik Rude when in fact it was by P Smoov, the producer for Fresh Espresso and Mad Rad. P Smoov was pissed and Twittered insults at Mr. Mudede.

The Stranger regrets that the once-awesome Broadway is devolving into an endless parade of pho and payday-loan establishments. (And we love pho and money.)

In the February 19 issue of The Stranger, in a news piece about Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske becoming drug czar, we published the wrong year for the Mardi Gras riots (2001) and misspelled the name of victim Kristopher Kime. We regret the errors.

Stranger visual art editor Jen Graves regrets that she did not literally dry-hump the Indian paintings that temporarily visited the Seattle Asian Art Museum, as a Slog commenter suggested she do. She also regrets not marrying the paintings and having their painting-children.

The Stranger regrets the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Getting your way, being fat, and being good at kung fu are not mutations.

Lindy West regrets that each and every one of you did not have the privilege of touring the Michael Jackson auction exhibit at the Beverly Hilton, because WTFFFFGGHGH11!!!!@###$#!@DDFER@##@!!!!HMNNNNNNGGGGHHHH!@@!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Frizzelle, the editor of The Stranger, regrets that whenever he tells people he's the editor of The Stranger, people invariably say, "No you're not, Dan Savage is."

The three button-down shirts owned by Dan Savage, editorial director of The Stranger, regret that Mr. Savage purchased them in the first place. All three have been denounced as "ill-fitting shirts" in "fugly colors" by Slog commenters after Savage wore them, again and again, during numerous appearances on CNN and MSNBC this year. The three shirts insist that they are perfectly fine shirts and that they would look just fine on persons with different colorings and different body types. The shirts have no control over who purchases and wears them on television or elsewhere and all three are sick of being blamed for Mr. Savage's inability to dress himself.

Chicken, while grateful for dodging the mercury bullet, regrets not being referred to as "Tuna of the Land."

Dominic Holden, The Stranger's news editor, wrote in an October 29 Slog post that Boeing moved part of its 787 plant to Virginia while it was widely reported by every news outlet on earth—including earlier that day in The Stranger—that the plane builder moved to South Carolina. We regret the error.

On a similar note, Mr. Holden wrote one month later that suspected cop killer Maurice Clemmons previously owned a landscaping company in Kent, when his state business license plainly showed Clemmons's company registered in Federal Way. Then again: Kent, Federal Way—what's the difference?

Dave Segal called Loco Dice a "Tunisian- born German tech-house DJ" in a Stranger Suggests blurb in the December 10 issue. Loco Dice is of Tunisian descent but was not born there. We regret the error.

Stranger music editor Eric Grandy regrets killing King Cobra, but sincerely looks forward to taking out payday loans on its former showroom floor.

Jen Graves, visual art editor of The Stranger, regrets the fact that she described Seattle artist Jeremy Bert's day job as a "shit job" because Bert actually kind of likes his job driving a truck fixing neon signs, something Graves misunderstood completely in their interview. She does not regret that she was wrong, because yay for a better-than-shit day job for an artist. If you need your neon sign fixed, call Jeremy Bert!

Eli Sanders, associate editor of The Stranger, regrets that after writing for The Stranger's Queer Issue about his adventures sleeping with both women and men, in a piece that was meant to point out the insufficiency of sexual categories, the first online comment was as follows: "There's a simple explanation for all of this, Eli—you're a girl."

Stranger critic Paul Constant regrets watching the movie Rolling, a drama about ecstasy use that was awful in almost every way. Mr. Constant especially regrets this since a producer for the film later accused him of not watching the whole movie. If Mr. Constant had known while watching the movie that he could have gotten away with watching half of it, he would still have that 45 minutes of his life to enjoy.

Animal Collective regrets that their live set at this year's Sasquatch! festival was such a letdown compared to the epochal awesomeness of Merriweather Post Pavilion.

In the December 10 issue of The Stranger, Lindy West was far too easy on the fairly terrible new Broken Lizard movie, The Slammin' Salmon, due largely to the fact that, when she interviewed the cast, she found them both funny and sexually attractive. We regret the error.

Bill Gates continues to regret that any asshole who owns just one share of Microsoft stock—or, in the case of Reverend Ken Hutcherson, any asshole who befriends a man who owns just one share of Microsoft stock—can show up and spout bigoted nonsense at his company's annual shareholders' meeting. It's enough to make Mr. Gates wish Microsoft were privately held. Except for that whole "richest man in the world" thing. Would be a shame to lose that.

Stranger staffer Grant Brissey regrets failing to remember the name of the awesome/cute server at Ballet, because she remembers his and now he is too embarrassed to ask.

In last year's Regrets Issue, Stranger books editor Paul Constant regretted not giving more coverage to the Subtext poetry-reading series, but then went on to give the reading series only marginally more coverage in the last year. On October 10, 2009, the Subtext series went on hiatus, thanks in no small part to Mr. Constant's wishy-washy support over the years.

Christopher Frizzelle, the editor of The Stranger, regrets that he and music editor Eric Grandy left Throw Me the Statue's song "Snowshoes" out of their July 30 list of the 12 best songs by Throw Me the Statue. That song is mesmerizing, especially in winter.

Lindy West, film editor of The Stranger, regrets whatever cruel machinations of fate led to her right ear becoming irretrievably clogged, a painful situation that culminated in her weeping in front of a stubborn pharmacist and begging him to sell her cherry-flavored stool softener so she could POUR IT IN HER EAR.

Stranger critic Jen Graves regrets accusing Kent Stowell's Romeo and Juliet of not being hot enough compared to Jean-Christophe Maillot's Roméo et Juliette at Pacific Northwest Ballet. She has since been told that many people's nether regions had a time at Stowell's version.

In the May 21 issue of The Stranger, in a SIFF Guide review of Tulpan, it said that the song "Rivers of Babylon" was by Bob Marley, when in fact it was by the Melodians. We regret that Eli Sanders knows the name of only one reggae artist.

Music writer Dave Segal regrets not reviewing the reissues of Betty Davis's Nasty Gal and Is It Love or Desire on Light in the Attic, as well as the Group Bombino's Guitars from Agadez Vol. 2, Group Doueh's Treeg Salaam, and the Siamese Soul comp on Sublime Frequencies, among others. In fact, he wishes he had time to review every title these two local labels release, as they are doing Nobel Prize—level work in their chosen field.

In the August 6 issue of The Stranger, in an essay about soccer, we misspelled "virile." We regret the error.

In an interview with Frank Rich, columnist for the New York Times, Dan Savage, editorial director of The Stranger, bemoaned the fact that there were no "prominent gay faces on cable news." Mr. Savage is aware of the existence of Rachel Maddow, the openly gay MSNBC host, and blames the oversight on his giddiness at getting to geek out with Mr. Rich, a former theater critic, about their shared love for the American musical theater. But Mr. Savage regrets the error because it made him look like an idiot.

Associate editor Eli Sanders and staff photographer Kelly O regret the smell that a certain member of the public created in the clerk's office of the Kent Regional Justice Center while they were doing research there sometime this fall. They do not, however, regret the expression on the clerk's face, which was both utterly amazing and profoundly appropriate.

Stranger news editor Dominic Holden regrets that, in a piece lambasting state senator Adam Kline (D-37) for being widely regarded as an ineffectual lawmaker, Mr. Holden couldn't get a single person to speak on the record. Mr. Holden will go to his grave knowing who those anonymous quotes were from, but sadly, no one else will.

The Stranger regrets the overuse in conversation and in print of the word "awesome," a habit to which we all occasionally succumb. This once-valuable word has become so devalued, it's now deployed to express awe for some of the most mundane actions imaginable. That free PBR you just received from your friend is not "awesome."

Gillian Anderson, The Stranger's copy chief, regrets that she didn't pick and freeze more blackberries from last summer's awesome season for winter pie-making.

Christopher Frizzelle, the editor of The Stranger, regrets that the new Crocodile is so attentive to removing stickers and graffiti from the walls in their immaculate bathrooms. It's a fucking rock club, guys.

The moon regrets what the inhabitants of its neighbor did to it on October 9. Just look at its surface—can't we see that it has been bombarded enough?

Stranger associate editor Charles Mudede regrets this passage in his August 6 review of The Cove: "The end of this documentary is brutal. One of the main reasons why the images captured by the team are so disturbing is because dolphins have blood that looks like human blood. When they are slaughtered, the sea turns red." Really, did Mudede expect dolphins to have some other kind of blood? He can be so stupid sometimes. Dolphins are not ice fish, one of the few animals in the world that do not have red blood.

Jen Graves regrets the "bakeries" in Seattle.

Jesse Vernon, copy editor of The Stranger, regrets the large quantities of ingredients wasted on vegan baked goods. It is near impossible to make quality vegan cookies, and we live in a region full of chickens happy to share their eggs with us.

Brendan Kiley, the arts editor of The Stranger, eats meat. At home in the evenings, Mr. Kiley roasts chickens, broils lamb chops, barbecues pork cutlets, and sometimes boils up a big pot of crawfish. Mr. Kiley doesn't regret his diet for the animals' sake, but he occasionally regrets it for the sake of music writer Dave Segal, who is vegan and whose desk is next to Mr. Kiley's. Sometimes, when Mr. Kiley pulls out a leftover pork chop to gnaw on for lunch, he feels badly for inflicting the sight and smell on Mr. Segal—even though Mr. Segal has never expressed his feelings on the subject. If Mr. Segal were an irritating officemate in some way (gassy, say), Mr. Kiley wouldn't regret eating meat in front of Mr. Segal. He'd figure it was tit for tat, officemates having to put up with each other's vaguely annoying habits. But Mr. Segal is so quiet, so polite, so unobtrusive, there's no tit. Only tat. This situation creates a lunchtime tension in Mr. Kiley's mind.

Eric Grandy regrets ever trying to match wits with Ian Svenonius.

Development firm Schnitzer West regrets losing its shirt in the bad economy, to say nothing of its pants.

Jay Jansheski, one of The Stranger's web developers, regrets that Subversion keeps such precise records of so many of his other regrets.

Music staff writer Dave Segal regrets the demise of Bonkers!, one of this city's finest showcases for experimental electronic music. Mr. Segal's regret is ameliorated by the likelihood of primary booker Ian Scot Price having more time to create his own music.

Managing editor Bethany Jean Clement regrets that she can never remember anyone's name. Ms. Clement knows this is a serious personal failing, and she feels terrible about it.

David Schmader, associate editor of The Stranger, regrets that the gorgeous new state-of-the-art Swedish Orthopedic Institute is so ill equipped at providing basic, essential aftercare to patients whose primary physicians reside out of state. (Being made to scrounge and beg for basic pain-management meds for one's visiting-from-out-of-town mother makes one feel like a grubby junkie.)

Christopher Frizzelle, the editor of The Stranger, does not regret going to Rancho Bravo on Capitol Hill at 2:00 a.m. on Halloween, because they gave him four tamales even though he only ordered and paid for two, and gave Mr. Frizzelle's friend three burritos even though he ordered one—extra food they got to share with a lady pirate slut, a Ninja Turtle, and Superman.

Stranger photographer Kelly O regrets getting so shit-faced drunk on her birthday—the same night as the grand opening of the new Pony—that she went home, watched a TV infomercial, and ordered a very expensive Montel Williams juicer, or rather a Montel Williams "emulsifier," which broke after only three months of (sober) vegetable emulsifying.

In the June 4 issue of The Stranger, we confused the word "vise" with "vice." Two weeks later, in the June 18 issue of The Stranger, in a graphic next to a news story about a drug bust, we spelled the word methamphetamine "methanphetamine." We regret the errors. June was a bad month.

Associate editor Charles Mudede regrets that all of the future lines of light rail will not be as beautiful and magical as the one that is running now between the airport and downtown Seattle.

In the February 26 issue of The Stranger, we added a typo to a quote from a David Foster Wallace essay—"I have heard steel drums and eaten conch fritters and watched a woman in sliver lamé projectile-vomit inside a glass elevator"—a sentence that was, until we meddled with it, perfect. Rest in peace, man.

Former Seahawk Brock Huard probably regrets losing the 2009 ID Spring Roll Eating Championship to Stranger books editor Paul Constant. In return, Mr. Constant regrets not informing Mr. Huard that if his mouth were as big and floppy as his vagina, he would have easily won.

In a September 10 blog post on Line Out, music writer Dave Segal mistakenly called the monthly club night at Re-bar Trouble Disco; it is in fact called Trouble Dicso. He is [sic] to his stomach about this error.

Visual art editor Jen Graves regrets that she is not Dorothy Vogel, the hobbit-sized librarian who, according to a documentary that Ms. Graves reviewed on July 30, has spent her life collecting art with her hobbit-sized husband, the postal worker Herb.

In the 2009 Queer Issue, Dan Savage, editorial director of The Stranger, wrote an essay called "My Kinky Normal Life" about attending the 2009 International Mr. Leather (IML) contest in Chicago with his partner of 15 years. Mr. Savage later heard from nearly a hundred people who had attended the 2009 IML and thought they recognized Mr. Savage but weren't sure so didn't approach him. Mr. Savage's partner of 15 years now says he doesn't want to go to the 2010 IML contest because the number of people who recognized and approached Mr. Savage at the 2009 IML contest was annoying enough and it's only going to be worse. Mr. Savage regrets ruining IML for his partner.

In the May 28 issue of The Stranger, in a roundup of books about Hitler, we published as a fact that Nazi-era historian William L. Shirer worked for ABC Radio in Berlin. ABC Radio did not yet exist; Shirer worked for CBS. We regret the error.

In the August 20 issue of The Stranger, the Underage column was missing from the paper because we inadvertently covered it with ads. Sorry about that.

The Stranger regrets all the years we spent doubting the people who are dolphin fanatics, because they are so right.

The Stranger Election Control Board regrets that whole mess with the port races. We probably should've just endorsed Max Vekich, even though he gave an uninspiring endorsement interview, and saved ourselves some heartburn.

Lindy West, film editor of The Stranger, regrets not being able to work the sentence "My vagina is like the Mines of Moria—delve too greedily and too deep, and you'll awaken an ancient evil" into print, leaving it to languish, unappreciated, in her Twitter feed forever.

Seattle regrets that Circus Contraption committed suicide this year, but appreciated this metaphor in the death notice: "Like dandelion seeds in the wind, we fourteen-odd (and we all know how odd) members are spreading out..."

David Schmader's ass regrets the invention of frozen custard.

Jen Graves, visual art editor of The Stranger, regrets that time when she lay down on the floor and let the Seattle Art Museum marketing department photograph her under a miniature David replica, but she had lots of other regrets at the time, and those regrets wanted whiskey, and the whiskey wanted her to lie down on the floor with the David.

The Stranger regrets the closing of Epilogue Books.

The Stranger regrets the closing of Bailey/Coy Books with a burning feeling that makes us itch when we go to bed at night.

The Stranger regrets that baby-faced Benny Hills smoked cigarettes. RIP, Ben.

Kelly O, The Stranger's staff photographer, regrets taking those free condoms from the Eagle that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were passing out. They make straight-boy dick, at least straight-boy-dick-with-latex-allergies, turn a very scary bright purple.

Megan Seling regrets that, as of this writing, there are 2,138 unread messages in her e-mail inbox.

Glenn Beck regrets not crying that one time.

Joe Mallahan regrets crying that one time.

The actors in a certain play at Theatre Off Jackson earlier this year regret that arts editor Brendan Kiley's date fell asleep during the final, quiet (and portentous) 10 minutes of the performance. Mr. Kiley's date began snoring in those very quiet minutes—which Mr. Kiley found funny (and its own kind of criticism), so he didn't wake her.

Charles Mudede regrets that Seattle had such a beautiful summer. All he can do is think about that series of sunny days. Seattle can be some kind of wonderful sometimes.

Lindy West does not regret Fart Week IN THE LEAST.

The Stranger regrets any and every gigantic regrettable occurrence—fire, flood, apocalypse, what have you—that may have transpired between this Regrets Issue going to print and the time right now when you are reading these words. We are on holiday. Sorry.

Jen Graves would really regret it if she told you what she really regrets this year, so let's just leave it at that. recommended