Pullout Jun 24, 2010 at 4:00 am

The Stranger's 2010 Queer Issue

Illustrations by James Yamasaki and Robert Ullman


Is it too late to submit a story? I've got a good one about good times with a missionary, entitled "Mark of the Beast."


Not necessarily GOP, but just as messed up.
Wait, are Republicans more gay than soccer?
Republican bashing. Go our team. How passe and myopic. Pathetic.
Re: @3

We are not pathetic.

The pieces are well-written and thought-provoking, a way of standing up for ourselves while grappling with the disconnect between physical attraction and political ideals.

Try hating yourself less.
Re: @4

The world changes since your parents complained about Reagan. Try checking your premise. Kagan is an anti-porn crusader, Obama sends drones to bomb civilians, and, oh, how is one-party rule working for Washington?

A thing can be well-written and thoughtful while still being exasperatingly unaware.

No one is buying the BS "left-right" false choice anymore. The establishment left is just as dangerous and stupid as the establishment right. Until folks like those here start to realize that, expect to be relegated to the fringe and mockingly derided.
Ya know, Dan Savage, you are slowly beginning to evolve, but still a bit clueless, dood!

When you state that Obama is right on other issues, where the bloody hell is your head at???

Obama has appointed the most antiworker, antilabor, antiunion people possible.

The only scumbag he has yet to appoint to his administration is Dick Cheney, but he's really arbitrary given all of Obama's appointees.

You've got to quit falling for this "good-cop, bad-cop" strategy: Bush #1 unable to pass NAFTA, etc., so bring in good cop Clinton to pass NAFTA, GATT, China's entrance into the WTO, the WTO's Financial Services Agreement, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, the National Telecommunications Act of 1996, and overturning that ban on tuna fisheries which kill the dolphins, etc.

Bush #2 unable to privatize Social Security and the entire public educational system; bring in good cop Obama to get it done.

You focus on the nebulous and almost-arbitrary issue of Gay and Lesbian rights to the exclusion of what's really taking place, dood!

You're like those Black Americans who view everything from the racial perspective, completely oblivious to all else taking place.

Word up, dood! The day when neocon gaytards and corporate fascist lesbians can serve openly in the imperialist forces of America, or be employed openly in KBR's and Blackwater's (Xe's) torture squads, assassination squads and gangrape squads, won't help matters any!

Are you beginning to understand, or still clueless?

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