your online Bumbershoot guide has Hole opening up for Dylan on Sunday night...according to your schedule, Bob plays a 15 minute set at 9pm, followed by Weezer at 9:15. Please tell me that didn't go to print. You are so screwed.
Bob Dylan is doing a 15 minute set at 9pm on Sunday, followed by Weezer....
Really, Stranger? Really? I hope this online schedule didn't go to print.
You're right! That's been fixed.
You're lamer than the performers at Bumbershoot.
The Decemberists playing a 15-minute set on Sunday! Awesome...I thought I'd only get to see them on Saturday.
I'm waiting in an hour long line for will call tickets. Why couldn't we just print these things? Why is this festival always run by complete ass-clowns?
people are spoiled rotten. festival = more ways than one.
wait, if i'm seeing that little comic up there correctly, Jonathan Davis of Korn is now in The Decemberists. Is he replacing Colin Meloy, or is he just a new addition?

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