Pullout Dec 30, 2010 at 4:00 am

A Year of Blatant Inaccuracies, Stunning Lapses, Errors, and Obvious Oversights


R.I.P. Slats.
You guys! I wasn't mad at you for not coming to the parties, I just missed you.
I would have so, so regretted if you'd had the chance to process that kickoff IGBP vid to hell and back, adding, what, a soundtrack and key lights and such? It is perfect, and a sui generis piece of history now.

But yeah, the Skype images were terrrrrible.
Do the Red Bull PR people ever 'just swing by' with cases of free Red Bull? They've done it now at two publications I wrote for and each time we shilled like a whole house of Jay Lenos.
Okay, Schmader, I'll bite. Which kitchen was it?

Barracuda Taqueria?
Toulouse Petit?
Po Dog?

My God that was a long read!
Ah bless, Lindy. For a much more extreme example of unconscious plagiarism, have a Google and read about The Ladies of Missalonghi by Colleen Mccullough. About 80% of that book including the characters, their relationships to other characters, the storyline and whole pages of dialogue, came from an earlier novel called The Blue Castle by L.M. “Anne of Green Gables” Montgomery. Mccullough had read it as a girl and, like you, internalized it and didn’t realize until she was sued by Montgomery’s estate that she’d copied the work so closely. Puts reusing one Flintstones’ joke into perspective.
Jesus H Christ, how many fucking editors does this organization have? And a follow up question: if there are so many GD editors, whose jobs, one would expect, include EDITING, how can you screw so much up so rabidly?

Also, what does one have to do to not be graced with an editor title? Actively shit on Savage's desk? Refuse to gargle McGinn's jizz? What?? Seriously, Dave Segal wants to know, he told me to ask.
Drunks regret Kelly O, for her nepotism and her now apparent total lack of journalistic professionalism.
This is as un-funny this year as every prior year.
Nobody likes honesty..much less 'fessing up.
I read that story about Kelly O and Detroit. As someone who is from the Detroit area, I not only liked it, but have this to say: real children of the privileged in Michigan don't go to Wayne State. End of story.
What's whiskey dick?
More importantly: congratulations on 1,000 issues! It's appreciated.
Jerry "The King" Lawler began his career as a professional wrestler in 1970 and still wrestles (occasionally) to this day.

He currently works for the WWE as the color commentator on "RAW".

Perhaps he is best known by non-wrestling fans as the wrestler that feuded with comedian Andy Kaufman in the early 80's--a feud that seemed to be real but was, in fact, pre-planned.

Whether DJ Dubtek intended the use of "Jerry Loller" as a handle to be a direct reference to Jerry Lawler, just misspelled, or an indirect reference to Jerry Lawler, built into a txt-spelling pun ("LOL-er") is known only to him.

And no writer for The Stranger should regret not knowing enough about professional wrestling to bother to ask. It is shameful enough that those of us who DO know...knew.
That was way too long!!
And don't forget that Jerry Lawler has twice run for Mayor of Memphis!
Happy 1,000!
@8 Apparently, racist pieces of shit do not regret the racism that they spew. However, the rest of us regret that you feel so brazen as to post it online.
Kelly O, Harmony Korine didn't direct Kids, Larry Clark did. You were right about Trash Humpers though.
I regret reading Matt Luby's articles.
"Yes, but do the brown people regret committing crime? "

Not if the crime is beating the fuck out of a racist punk like yourself.
Mr.Mudede, I'm sure your name is just as sacred as Green Corn is in Cherokee. Means the same thing.
How can you regret gin, Lindy?? WTF? Why do you hate juniper?
Dear Cienna, I make this with the smoked salmon I get from Wilson's. I don't know if it's hiding its light under a bushel, but this is damn awesome soup.

THIS. Was quality control.
I wish every newspaper did this.
Some good from a canadian. Much abliged slightly-foreign, sir, my apologies for our behavior. As land developers, we're 2nd class in world class terms.

It's the Highway Dept's fault. The D.B.T. is the wrong kind of tunnel. Cut/cover at 1/2 the length, 2/3 the concrete, plus new strength for seawall, more jobs, less risk, manages traffic best all studies show. Mike's right.
WarshDOT is Rong.

(Their emails have this dialect spelling.)

Cut-Cover Tunnel


Thanks, Mikes!

Pass it on, canadian et al. seattle is so...
worst engineers on west coast.
Form a complaint, please, anyone.


"Against Me! circa 2002 regret Against Me! circa 2010."


I love you, Stranger staff. I hope you all had a nice holiday stretch and are looking forward to a good year. :-)
What's this about the Brady Bunch and divorce? They were both widowed. Tsk,tsk, maligning Mr. and Mrs. Brady that way!
Decibel Promotions Director Erica Toelle regrets that she forgot to tell Dave Segal about the Appleblim show, therefore subjecting him to the wrath of the maverick-dubstep mafia.
I regret not visiting Seattle this year, as I have continued to fall in love with it via this publication.
@27, thanks! It's nice to see someone in the comments that shares my good taste in salmon. I'll be toasting your name with a bowl of chowder soon, I'm sure.

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