Pullout Dec 30, 2010 at 4:00 am

(Because Gawker Had Trouble Keeping Up with Our Jokes This Year)


That 9/11 joke kills me every time. And by "kills me" I mean that it makes me laugh, and die a little bit inside.
I don't understand why you guys have a war. I love Richard Lawson, and I love you! please stop fighting (sob sob).
I'm sorry, guys, but, to be honest, I had no idea this whole Gawker thing was going on. Didn't mean to check out on you, or anything. It's just that I read a Gawker story maybe two or three times a year, and that's mostly by accident of circumstance.

Really, I thought they were a celebrity porn site. You know, Kim Cattrall upskirts, and the like.

However, I don't criticize you for this article. Indeed, you've probably given them something to do over New Year's, taking a break from looking for Lindsey Lohan's crusty thong, getting drunk, and puzzling over whether or not your guide to jokes is another joke they don't get.

I am curious, though: Did you get any hate mail from Gawker's dirty half-dozen mousebanging fans? And did you write back, "I read Gawker because I'm paid to. What's your excuse?"
That song about the Stranger Newspaper.

"Oh yes they call him the streak the fastest thing on two feet he's always making the news in just his tennis shoes guess you could call him unique".

look at that! look at that!
@4 does that make Dan Savage "Guitarzan"?
Those with a brain firing on all pistons knew Gawker had it horribly wrong, and it was hilarious. This piece, unfortunately is smack. It's taunting on the playground after completely fucking up in class, and it's simply not as funny as it would have been had you referenced their half-brained analysis of half-read articles with some finesse and creativity. You took the makings of a fantastic running joke and you smashed it to bits.
So, has anybody formed a band called Latte Zombies yet?
Well, at least it's a relief to know that the article written by Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders really was written by Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders. LOL.
Oh shit, which group of snobby assholes can be EVEN more fucking snobby and dismissive of nothing that fucking matters in the first place?!?!?!
Richard Lawson an idiot, really? You should have aimed your at Gawker and not singled out a true, snarky talent.
Richard Lawson is an idiot, and Gawker commenters get stupider every year. Gawker was such a smart fun blog five years ago. A shame, really.

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