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Butthole Surfers' Greatest Shits


What, no Goofy's Concern?
Graveyard from Locust Abortion Technician:)
I see your "Graveyard" and raise you one "To Parter"
"Graveyard" and "To Parter" were indeed serious contenders.

Several lyrics sites vary on that line from "Moving to Florida." I spaced and left out "White Castle" (that will be fixed), but what immediately follows has been heard in different ways. FWIW, where I grew up in metro Detroit, White Castle burgers were always called "sliders."
The first time I saw the Surfers I was 17 and had taken acid. They started the show with "Graveyard." As soon as SATAN SATAN SATAN echoed through the little club, Kathleen sprang out the of smoke, the strobe lights started and the crowd pushed forward. Luckily, I crawled onto the edge of stage and cowered under Paul for the entire show, too scared to move. It was the best thing I had ever seen...
Lest we forget: http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/tou…

RE "Moving To Florida": I've always heard it as "slider" as well.
Bumbershoot used to be weird. This is the best thing to happen to the festival in a long time. Thanks for not sticking them in the cave that is the Ex Hall, where all the metal bands are sequestered. Sorry Red Fang. I'll still come, knowing your songs sound way better outside of that room.
The best part of the Surfers set will be the reaction of the average festival goer. I've been blown away by some bands I knew nothing about. This has the potential to scar some people for life. Even if they do, just, play a solid rock set.
I dismiss P.S.Y. but heartily endorse Psychedelic Jam, or Pyscho Jam in its even earlier incarnation. Without lyrics it's just so much better.
brown is the best shit and the best shit is brown. here's hopin' they brown out so hard that their shit collapses unto itself... a brown hole of warped-space glory, if you will. dark matter DOES rule the universe. ;-) thanks for the fine article. :-) p.s. - i am reminded of what probably is the most fucked-out bumbershoot performance to date: sun city girls at emp a handful of years ago. if only the pro-shot balcony vid of this set survived... for the surfers to pre-func/train with LOL
This youtube clip is from the 1991 Lollapalooza in Enumclaw. I was 16 and it this set made an impression on me.. hahaa. So glad they are here this weekend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYlcxBE5d…

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