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Drugs Are Illegal and Dangerous, But if You're Going to Experiment, Here's How to Lower Your Risk of Addiction, Misery, and Death


Where would a sheltered white boy (asking for a friend!) get kratom
I would suggest some changes to your 'ecstacy' section.
It is not really a sex drug, primarily because most male users find erections impossible or unmaintainable, as well as beside the point of an empathogenic drug.

Also, I believe it's important to differentiate between MDMA and "ecstacy" because one is a specific drug and the other is essentially an unknown cocktail.
boo for your cannabis advice, Brendan. wtf. it's like you took the entirely wrong lesson from Michael Pollan's discussion of the link between memory and cannabis in Botany of Desire. love you man!
I find it useful (borrowing this idea from McKenna) to think of drugs in two categories:

1) Ego-boosters
2) Ego-erasers

Now, of course everything doesn't fit neatly into those two categories, but they work pretty well:

Boosters: Cocaine, alcohol, meth (coffee too)... don't use these.

Erasers: Pot, Mushrooms and friends... yes. these are good.

They might help you overcome the diseases of this terribly sick culture.
As your school tuition and cost's are at a stupid sick level and as well technology is taking a giant shit it the crap you will need to know category its safe to say you can omit all addictive drugs and take a intrest in what your body needs! That could mean more vitamin d or fish oil or few puffs of good weed to help with stress. School can be a giant pain in the ass if the stars and solar system is out of wack so you need to be focused and be ready to dig in or bail out like a WWII B-17 pilot.
The real world is full of losers sleeping under overpasses and slowly dieing due to not being able to afford the drugs needed to keep them alive. There are no drugs that will make the world a better place but there is a world that makes better drugs! That being the drugs that will save your life and your world.
Take your "extinction of memory" pseudoscience about cannabis and shove it up your fucking ass.
I think it's also important to point out that cannabis makes you pretty much lazy as fuck. To the point where I pretty much have no desire to do it all anymore.

And I write this as a guy who smoked up every single night for several quarters in a row in college, as a reward system for doing homework... life has too much to offer to be a 'stoner' forever...
As this article is directed at college students, I think it would have been prudent to mention that anyone who has government loans (Stafford/Fed Supplements/etc.) is barred from taking out any further loans if they are caught using illegal drugs. This means that even if the drug in question is only a very minor offense you are running the risk of de-funding your entire education (and future graduate school, which of course is even more expensive).
I know you don't agree that drug users are culpable for the drug war, Brendan, however, I do think that in addition to considering the nasty effects of cocaine that you mentioned, people should also have a think about how this fun party drug came to arrive in their nostrils. While there will always be a market for cocaine in the US and individual users are not going to change that, we should still take a moment to consider the mountains of tortured bodies and severed heads and large caches of abandoned corpses that seem to turn up daily in Mexico. Because that's where your cocaine comes from, and it's really, really ugly.
I usually find articles in The Stranger to be fairly well-written and informative, with a touch of tongue-in-cheek entertainment value.

This article, however - is very poorly done. You offer almost no harm-reduction tips, you provide no resources, and you think you are much more clever than you are. A quick review of your other articles, however, shows this is pretty much par for the course.

Won't be reading any more of your nonsense.

[Cocaine is] funding the current bloodbath in Mexico.

Um, so is pot.

That's why we should *support our local farms*!

Besides, local stuff is WAY better than stuff that's been shipped 1500 miles.

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