Listen: I know I fuck up sometimes. Like when I vetoed that medical marijuana bill last spring— I was shitfaced. I took a couple of body shots off Rob McKenna's sunken chest cavity, and suddenly I was hungry to veto veto veto! It could've been a KFC takeout menu for all I knew. So when I sold out the sick and the dying to comfort my fellow bureaucrats, some of you suggested I'd also been smoking crack. DUH! And last year's state budget—those $4 billion in cuts? Maybe I could've closed tax loopholes for Wall Street banks instead of gutting education. But I was sucking down a roofied Orange Julius in one of those massage chairs at Brookstone. I couldn't feel my fucking face! At the end of the day, I love you guys. Sometimes I screw over the sick, the dying, the elderly, the students, and the poor. I have a veto problem, but I'm working on it. Now pour me a drink. recommended