actually hypothermia is a relatively peaceful death. he may have intended that.
I hope it hurt. I hope he was conscious enough to feel the ice crystals forming in him, at least at the very beginning. Shattering his cell walls and gushing out their innards in an apoptotic frenzy of creeping frosty doom.

I don't hope hurt on my fellow humans very often, but it seems to me that this one left his humanity behind him somewhere in Skyway.

Margaret, I hope your soul finds peace.
I hope your daughters grow up to be like you.
folks, do keep in mind this lady wore a gun, and with it a "license to kill". And she wore it, more often even than this post traumatic stress guy wore his guns.

That gun and license did not drop out of the sky on her. It was her chosen path in life.

Congress should set aside funds for EVERY soldier exiting the army, especially those who have been on the ground in the middle east, to have an in depth psychiatric review done. And funds if need be to help those like him.

Won't anybody here say; "we should not have been those phony wars for big business"

Now our beloved power-government is suggesting to change the law, to no allow gun in the state parks. Like that would have stopped this crazed man? Why not; it would have been fortuitous if a private citizen with a gun would have stopped this, and disarmed him. or better yet, congress would pay the true dollar cost of the wars and treat him... or better yet, no more war for big business.
Buster the body crab, What is your point? Are you one the people who post here and the Seattle times and say "this and that are wrong with the government?" Are you trying to say that just cause she died it's not a big deal? Yes, she chose to become a US Park Ranger, Yes she knew that she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice: leave a husband, two young girls, extended family, friends, coworkers. What she did SAVED 125+ people who were at Paradise that day. That disturbed person had a cache of weapons that would only be taken to a target range, not to a highly populated tourist and recreation area.

I agree with you that our government needs to do more about helping people who are employed by our gov to maintain their mental health and get them on a path of balance.

Please get your facts staight. Guns are allow in the National Parks but those who choose to carry must follow the laws of the state. If they are going to carry legally that means they must have a concealed weapons license from Washington state. In order to get that you must pass a background investigation, checking if you have criminal history or mental health issues. I do not know if Branes, this ill person had one or not. Long guns, Rifles are not part of Concealed pistol license.

Your idea of a private citizen with a gun trying to stop this guy at Paradise is somewhat absurd. This person would not have been disarmed, he would not have laid down his gun and surrender.
He did not stop at a traffic stop for over 8 MILES. NO he was going to Paradise to do one thing HURT More people, Please explain why a person would try to hide by going into a dead end road with that many weapons? He already had HURT more people earlier.

US Park Ranger Margaret Anderson gave the ultimate sacrifice for her country just like any soldier going over seas. She was protecting the American way of life. Do not drag her name in the mud because she was a Law Enforcement Officer, working at Mount Rainier National Park keeping the peace. A peace that was disrupted by a person who was prepared to to do grave harm to over a hundred citizens.

If you don't like the way the government is doing something then find positive ways to go about making a positive change. go volunteer with these people. Volunteer in your community to make a change, just don't write that it was okay for her to die, because it was NOT okay for her to die, just cause she was doing her job. Shame on you.

Someone who loves his country. A friend, Neighbor, Coworker.
Well said Friend, neighbor, coworker. "Body Crab" go sleep in a park with the rest of the anti-government occupy bullshiters who don't even know what the fuk they are protesting anymore. Margaret had a job defending worthless scums like you, and protecting a treasured national park. She had a loving husband and two wonderful children. She was living her dream. She was "licensed to kill" and I am sure your left winged hippie ass would have cowered behind her in the threat of danger as she used that license to defend strangers. Occupy a job, or a book, or a fuking hobby? Also, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that my husband, my father, my uncle,and my grandfather all went to war for big business. Guess they were too busy worrying about defending our country, what they signed up to do, then worry about conspiracy theory published with no back bone. Give War a Chance :)
@5: I can't read the post you're responding to, but in what way do National Park Rangers defend "worthless scum", i.e. American citizens? The American military has not had to repel an invasion in actual defense of citizens since 1812, let alone Park Rangers. Ranger Anderson thought she was stopping a car that didn't chain up, not a person of interest in a shooting. At best, she unknowingly "defended" citizens at Paradise from a defective product of the American military that your relatives (not you?) served in. One that was trained to kill, sent to a war, and then cast aside with no support network after a domestic DUI.
If you didn't read the comment I was responding to. Don't respond to mine. Aw your a history buff, war of 1812. So cute. Yes I have served. And Benjamin NEVER saw combat, he stayed on the FOB, he was in communication, he had PTSD because his gf broke up with him.
Just fyi; The duties of the modern park ranger are as varied and diverse as the parks where they serve and in recent years have become more highly specialized. Regardless of the regular duties of any one discipline, the goal of all rangers remains to protect the park resources for future generations and to protect park visitors.

Eluding police, which he did, is a felony, he had already committed a crime.

No excuses for this Barnes fellow--he was a loser and ready to die, needed to after his senseless acts. One question--did he get bumped from the US Army for DWI? Really? That might sour me a little with all consumption of illegal substances that goes down in this man's army. Witnessed it. Seems a lot of ex GI's have such trouble and go rogue. Perhaps he needed a little Counseling? Anyone see a fix in place for such Strangers?
Your interpretation contradicts what a National Park is all about and demonstrates your own vindictive nature. The National Park, if it could speak, would most likely be happy to sooth such a troubled soul and gently put it to rest.
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".
Your interpretation contradicts what a National Park is all about and demonstrates your own vindictive nature. The National Park, if it could speak, would most likely be happy to sooth such a troubled soul and gently put it to rest.
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".
Lyllyth...Two wrongs never make a right. I will pray for you to be forgiven for your cruel thoughts.
Hey Rainier, you really need to let off some steam. Lahar, lahar, lahar.
Rest in peace, Margaret. I pray for your grieving husband and daughters, family, friends and loved ones, and that they too, can find peace.

Thank God those other hikers near Paradise got the coffee cup message to break camp and get out of there!

Is there no true sanctuary anymore? Sigh.
@4: Bravo, Friend, Neighbor and Coworker! I couldn't have said it better!
Margaret did what she was supposed to do and he shot her anyway. The people at the party did what they were supposed to be doing (partying down, of course) and he shot them anyway. He was supposed to be fairly stable after serving and he shot them anyway. Gun-control or not, seeing battle or not, veteran's resources or not - he shot them. This is not about politics. It's about the loss of a human life at the hand of a very disturbed individual. It is tragic and wasteful, and it could not have been reasonably prevented. Sometimes terrible things happen without reason. This is one of those times. I grieve for her family and friends, and I grieve for his. Mt. Rainier, I'm utterly head-over-heels in love with you. For the record, I think you did the right thing with this one.
I agree with you about Margaret and my heart is broken for her and her family. The people at the party, unfortunately were not doing what they should have been doing. They were drinking and showing off guns. Someone took a gun and wouldn't return it. Things got out of hand. There was more than one shooter. I think there is a lot more to this story and I choose not to jump to conclusions about this troubled Vet until all the investigations are done and answers found about WHY this happened. Many guns there....could it have been self defence?
@7: do you ever wonder why so many americans don't like the military or what it does to its employees? you're an example.
Fucking lol! I love you mt. Rainier!
I have served in the Australian Defence Force as a member of an elite navy unit. Speaking from experience this was a needless loss of 2 lives. While Park Ranger Anderson was a victim and has 2 children, so to is Barnes as he also has a child. I dont suspect this guy was a bad individual per say he was a case of yet another military member falling through the cracks. There was a way back for him but it wasn't to be. A sad and bad ending to a situation that had a solution. Its understandable to want to have killed the guy before he injured or killed others but an intelligent person knows these thoughts and gestures are not the way to deal with it. We are not hostiles and uncivillized. Remember what defines us in our lives as people and nations and remember your faith.
**** you! Who die and made you god and to jugde people.The killer in you is the killer in me!
**** you! Who die and made you god and to judge people.The killer in you is the killer in me.

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