Haha, true. Next time I am back I will slap a couple of you fools.
So...what's keeping us from petitioning for a State Income Tax *this year?*

The problem is that everyone is willing to tell some pollster that they support a non-specific undefined revenue increase... but when it comes time to fill in the little dot on the ballot that says it will specifically raise MY taxes by a clear and precisely defined amount support starts to wane. Especially when that increase is coming out of the pocket of someone who realizes, while they can realistically afford the minuscule decrease in disposable income over the long-term, they could also just as easily afford to spend significantly more in the short-term to support misleading and blatantly false anti-tax campaigns. Especially when they discover that what little they may lose by way of cuts to education and other social programs (which let's face it, will mostly hurt people they don't even know or really care about) they can more than make up for it through the opportunities that being even moderately wealthy provides.

It's not a lack of intelligence that compels this form of self-destructive irrationality... it's a lack of empathy or consideration beyond the self.
Written like a true King county resident- no Seattle voter has ever met a tax they didn't like.
Passing any Eyman measure is an act of stupidity- on that we agree.
But, no matter how many times an income tax measure is put on the ballot in Washington State, it will be defeated. Period. Yet every few years, some fuckwit decides to float that balloon again. The only hope it might ever have of passing is if a pre-enactment guarantee is in place to REDUCE AND NEVER RAISE AGAIN the existing sales tax and/or property taxes in this state. Until then, the rest of the state, if not King County, has had quite enough of our tax bill(s)- thanks for asking. My current taxes have nearly bankrupted me living on a fixed income.
If you're truly feeling under-taxed and weep at the plight of Washington's state government you still have the ability to raise taxes through a vote of the people.

Round up enough legislators with the nads to put it on the ballot and let the voters decide.

In the meantime, you're just a fucking whiny ass.
We ARE fucking dumb if we think that 1.5 million = 64% of 3.6 million.

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