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Because You Sent It in Wrong


Having hosted a rap radio show back in the 1990s, I can attest that the first and last points are the most important - on our rap show we did not play country music - so those tapes went in the trash. And your recording of your amaing "do you pee in the shower" (a real title I remember) sucks in every conceivable way, so although in some sense a rap, it also goes in the trash.

only after the steel is forged into sword can the samurai's swing?

Its mass markets on a mass scale and big bank with fat pudgys rule so you better get your five star General on and get ready to implement logistics like Confucius.

play it with soul in the ghetto and with twang in the country and with genuine rock in the roll.

Any thing any time any place is an old but useful motto.
yo that "dont be in a funk band" comment is on some bull shit yo the best music in seattle is on friday nights with the ftd boys @ the seamonster....prove me wrong and tell me you dont have a good time after you went...i bet you cant!!!
Did you really say "don't be a funk band?" I'm so embarrassed for you.
"Don't be a funk band?" Seriously? That tells you all you need to know about how local radio stations support Seattle's incredibly DIVERSE music scene. And who picked Megan Seling to give advice to local bands about getting radio airplay?? She featured the same four neo-folk bands on her "Locals Only" show for 48 out of 52 weeks last year. And by the way, Megan, The Shins (who found their way onto your "Locals Only" show last month), are from Albuquerque... which is in New Mexico.

Also, there's one reason that a study like Arbitron's would say that radio is on the rise: it's called the Internet. Mobile apps like TuneIn Radio are making it easier for local bands to gain (worldwide) exposure by getting airplay, but that also means those bands don't have to wait around for local DJs at KEXP or The End to notice them.

The only advice Seattle bands should take is this: forget Seattle radio. Find a streaming station in a city that isn't openly hostile towards new music and send your stuff there instead.
Megan, serious error in the "Don't be a funk band" comment. What the hell does that mean? Are you serious? There's some serious talent in the Groove scene in Seattle. Have you ever been to the White Rabbit on a Thursday night? Marmalade throws down some serious, no bones, dirty-ass funk and week after week after week packs that place with people who actually dancing. Yes, dancing in Seattle! Crazy right? Dancing is usually a sign that people like the music.

Then there's the Haiku-chi/Funky-to-Death Bros. crew throwing out some serious soul and funk; Eldridge Gravy and the court Supreme packed the Croc fr their CD release party; the Soul Senate/ Cascadia '10 crew rockin' the soul and afrobeat scene (shit even KEXP knows how good they are); Brisoce's own Down North lays sick musical chops down with a super high energy performance and makes little funk babies that infect your ass and wiggle it all around. Holy shit! Have you seen McTuff, Thaddillac, Pickwick, Allen fucking Stone?! And that's just the tip, but I'm only gonna give you the tip. This shit goes too deep and I don't think you could handle the entirety of the amount of AMAZING soul and funk in this city.

The problem is, and there is a problem, people are only fed rock. Because it's comfortable and dare I say white, super, super white. Seattle doesn't like to step out of it's comfort zone as much as we like to talk about the merits of adventure. Go to the South. There's some shit! NOLA? Oh my funky GOD! You've never seen music until you've danced to a funk band in NOLA!!

Honestly, it's not like KEXP and The END aren't these diverse pockets of musical gold that they think they are. KBCS is really diverse. Ask Funkscribe about the groove scene in Seattle, he'll help you out. You don't have to like it, just don't disrespect the musicianship of the funk scene. Seriously, how many fucking metal and rock bands does one city need? But as we've learned on a number of levels, Seattle likes to talk about diversity, but runs scared when diversity presents its self.

Megan please find some one to take you around for a week and introduce you to something more than rock. Rock is so fucking played out in this city. It's really about time for Seattle, this city of intellectuals, to look beyond the scope of comfortable background music that comes streaming live into their cubicle at their IT job. People are cattle, tell them what they like and they'll like it. Kevin and Andrew tell them that everyday.
Great article. Except fuck you. Some of the best music in this smug ass town is funk but gets no respect. Try making a living in music in a city like Seattle, where the only newspaper worth reading will just shoot you down based on your music label. What used to make Seattle music great was the scene, and that scene today is absolute shite. There are plenty of people willing to take our money from "consultants" to blog writers that write bios (Mr. Estey).. but won't lift a finger to actually SEE the bands they write about. When's the last time the Stranger or Seattle Weekly actually left C. Hill or downtown to get into the other scenes? Enough ranting.. not like this will change anything.

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